Monday, November 28, 2016

Take One Red Vinyl (Wax Trax!)

Here we have the Wax Trax! 7 inch "Take One" single from 2014. The contents of this single are identical to the 7 inch released in the Wax Trax! Collector Box Set (see previous post) with the notable exception that this single is on red vinyl and sports slightly different cover art. This edition was limited to 500 copies. It has the catalogue number "WAX 9197"

Here we have a "blue" cover image with red font (contrast this with the 7 inch from the box set)

The back art is identical except the caption boxes are red.

A side: "Take One" (Recorded Live September 28, 1984 - Medusas Chicago - First US Appearance)

B Side: "Im Rhythmus Bleiben" (Recorded Live April 15, 2011 - Metro Chicago - Wax Trax! Retrospectacle)

This item is still available from  Wax Trax! Mail order for the low price of $13.00! I see it go on eBay for $20.00 or more! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wax Trax Take One Box Set

Restarting the 242 Collector Blog, I begin with a beautiful and desirable box set:
"The Wax Trax Front 242 Take One 1984-2014 Box Set"
Originally this was released to celebrate 30 years of Front 242 and was available at "Wax Trax pop-up stores" at 242 and other Wax Trax! Records artists shows. 
My particular copy was obtained via the "Wax Trax! Monu-Mentorary" Kickstarter Campaign. (This is a yet-to-be-released documentary chronicling the glory years of Wax Trax! Records.)
To say this Box seat is beautiful is an understatement!

The box itself is a very sturdy black box with gold embossing on the cover and left side.

The side reads "Front 242 Take One 1984-2014" followed by the Wax Trax! Records logo and catalogue number (WAX 9197)
The only thing I find somewhat unsettling is the use of a 'nonstandard' Front 242 logo on the cover. This is not the typical 242 font or logo used, especially during the 242 Wax Trax! era. It actually reminds me somewhat of the "Silicon Answers" bootleg? It's really just me being nitpicky?

Inside is a treasure trove of 242 goodies:


First is a WaxTrax! Kickstarter personalized note card:




Next we find three stickers: 

Wax Trax! Records logo sticker: 

...and a Front 242 logo sticker and a "Warfare Helicopter" sticker: 

There is also a "242 Propaganda Unit" baggie with a metal 242 pin:

There are four prints on cardboard paper, reminiscent of early 242 artwork and a reprint of the first Front 242 concert ticket for the Medusa Club in Chicago. These are limited and numbered. (This set happens to be No. 88): 

Ticket reproduction

Work 242 concept art (also found on early T-shirts) (Front)

(Back of print)

Official Version art print

Front By Front art print

There is also a nice Front 242 embroidered patch which measures 2 inches by 4 inches: 

A highlight of the box is a glossy booklet telling about the early memories of Front 242's adventures in the Chicago music scene and their Wax Trax! glory years, with great candid and concert photos: 

(Front of booklet)

(Back of booklet)

Finally, there is the 7 inch "Take One" vinyl record on clear vinyl. (Note there is also a Red Vinyl version of this release still available I do believe): 


(Back of sleeve)

A Side: "Take One" (Recorded Live Sept. 28, 1984 at Medusa Club, Chicago, USA)

B Side: "Im Rhythmus Bleiben" (Recorded Live April 15, 2011 at Metro, Chicago for the Wax Trax! Retrospectacle) (I happened to be at that show and will post video someday, although video of this show can be found on YouTube.)

Overall, this is a fantastic piece of 242 memorabilia. I would only expect it to rise in value and could easily demand over $200 in the secondary market! Otherwise I consider it "priceless!"

Full Force Ahead!

It's been a long time coming...and as they say: "Life gets in the way...!"
...but with the recent release of vintage 242 material on vinyl (more on that later!) I felt now is the time to restart the 242 Collector Blog!

I am abandoning the "...of the week" format since I may not always post on a weekly basis...I may even post more often as circumstances allow?! Also the wealth of 242 material has been covered previously...but there are newer items and some other gems that are still to be discovered or catalogued!
I also eventually plan to do the entire "Front 242 Catalogue" from beginning to end in somewhat chronological order in all the various formats...vinyl, CD, cassette, etc.

As Front 242 celebrates over 30 years as "The Godfather's of Electronic Body Music" there is no better time to be a 242 fan and collector!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Return of the 242 Collector blog?

Wow! It's been a few gets in the way I guess?
...but 242 seems to be a constant in my life so I thought, with a new year approaching, what better time to begin the 242 Collector Blog again!?

It'll be a little different. The pace will be different. I doubt I will be able to post a "...of the Week"...who knows?

I like 242 stuff...I have 242 stuff...hopefully you like it too!
"Full Force Ahead!"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Record of the Week: No Comment (Original CD)

Here we have the original versions of "No Comment" on CD, as issued on RRE (Europe) and Wax Trax! (America). "No Comment" would later be reissued with bonus content on Epic/Sony and RRE...but since I don't have it immediately in front of me, I will post it as a separate entry later!

Both versions of this release are very similar, with a few notable exceptions.
First up, the original CD release on RRE. It has the catalogue number CD MK2.
It features 6 tracks, including "S. Fr. Nomenklatura (Parts 1 & 2)" (Note 'S. Fr.' stands for "Special Forces").

The artwork for both releases is virtually identically except, for some reason, the RRE version lists the titles out of order in the liner artwork. It lists "S. Fr. Nomenklatura (Parts 1 & 2)" as second after "Commando Mix" but this is corrected on the disc itself. Of note, only on the RRE disc is the subtitle for "Deciet" given as "Deceit (Behind Your Face)".

The artwork for the RRE Disc is very plain and simple, which the Wax Trax! version makes up for. The Wax Trax! version has the catalogue WAXCD 010.

No Comment RRE Version picture sleeve front

No Comment RRE Version picture sleeve back (note track listing error)

No Comment RRE Version picture sleeve foldout

No Comment RRE Version jewel case insert

No Comment RRE Version disc

My favorite aspect of this release are the great pictures of early 242. While I don't understand the fascination with baseball gear, it does look cool. (And Richard plays the shotgun better than a guitar?)
We also get a glimpse of the mysterious Daniel B. in the lower picture, which was very rare for this era, as he continued to be portrayed as the mysterious and unseen "Member 0"

No Comment Wax Trax! Version picture sleeve front

No Comment Wax Trax! Version picture sleeve back (note correct track listing)

No Comment Wax Trax! Version picture sleeve foldout

No Comment Wax Trax! Version jewel case insert

No Comment Wax Trax! Version disc

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Poster of the Week: Art & Strategy 92

Here we have a beautiful and large poster from the "Art & Strategy 92" art exhibit.

"Art & Strategy" being the design and artistic vehicle through which Daniel B. and Patrick create the artwork, stage design, multimedia, and other creative forces behind the Front 242 image. (It also happens to be the name of a song on "Geography.")

In 1992, three exhibits where held in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York; showcasing the fantastic works of Art & Strategy. The shows consisted of numerous paintings and prints, which can be seen in the A&S Catalogue (a future post!) and an ambient CD was issued as well (yet another future post!) I will eventually get around to posting some reviews of the show as well.

This poster is a very large 24 inches by almost 36 inches on foam board, so it is quite sturdy. It sports a lovely gray with the brilliant red "242 Sphere" that was very prominent in 242 imagery of that time. The background also shows many other 242 symbols.

Not sure how many of these were actually made, but is beautiful framed and so I consider it "priceless." (Now to get the guys to sign it....)

Art & Strategy 92

A&S 92 Detail

A&S 92 Detail

A&S 92 Detail

A&S 92 Detail

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Compilation of the Week: Adam X on the one and two

Here we have a DJ Mix compilation from EBM/Techno DJ "Adam X" which features a stellar lineup of classic and current acid, techno, and EBM music. Of course it would have to feature a Front 242 track!
From the notes, Adam X states that this CD "was designed as a personal soundtrack to my everyday life..."

Released on Instinct Records, it has the catalogue number INS561-2

The choice of Front 242 track selected, "Controversy Between" to me is an unusual one, and is certainly not a typical and as well-known 242 selection. I think it rightfully reflects Adam's love and respect for Front 242!

Other standout tracks include selections from A Split Second, Chicks on Speed and Frankie Bones.

Track List:

  1. intro
  2. Vex: "Vex"
  3. Keynotes: "Let's Dance"
  4. Russ Gabriel's Audio Spectrum: "Korgan"
  5. G-Man: "Turtle"
  6. Christian Vogel: "Shoe Renounce Soul"
  7. The Mover: "Frontal Sickness"
  8. Galactica: "Red Eyes Red Lights"
  9. Genie: "Night At The Opera"
  10. Frankie Bones: "It's Good For America"
  11. Beroshima: "Domo Arrigato Mr. Roboto"
  12. Malaria! vs. Chicks On Speed: "Kaltes Klares Wasser Rmx"
  13. Adam X: "Long Drive Home"
  14. Chris McCormack: "The Maximalist"
  15. Chaz Vincent: "Dream Wave"
  16. Icarus: "Nightfly"
  17. DHS: "House of God DHS Rmx"
  18. Kevin Saunderson: "Powerbass"
  19. Reade Truth: "Explosive Force"
  20. Front 242: "Controversy Between"
  21. Directional Force: "One Thousand"
  22. A Split Second: "Muscle Machine"
Adam X "on the one and two" CD cover

Adam X "on the one and two" CD cover back

Adam X "on the one and two" CD liner notes

Adam X "on the one and two" jewel case insert

Adam X "on the one and two" disc