Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Memorabilia of the Week: Magnet 242

Here we have an interesting collection of "bootleg" Front 242 pins. These are actually very professional looking and are not of the "homemade" variety.

Each of the magnets measures approximately 3 X 3 inches, with a glossy texture and very nice, brilliant colors. Each magnet sports a different album "242 sphere" cover art for the Epic/Sony Front 242 Catalogue re releases. My personal favorite seems to be the "Front By Front", as the reds and yellows really stand out!

Perfect item for your 242 locker or refrigerator!

Front 242 Magnets

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Record of the Week: Interception CD

Continuing to look at Front 242's CD releases as "Record of the Week", here we have the EP/Single "Interception".
As is the case with most of Front's singles, two European versions are available on RRE Records/PIAS; and a slightly different version is available stateside on Wax Trax! Records.

The RRE Version comes in both the standard "slimline" 5 inch version and the 3 inch disc in cardboard sleeve. Both releases have the catalogue number RRE 3 CD.
The artwork is essentially the same, with the slimline version offering a slightly bigger image.

That image itself is striking! Although one can see it better on the 12 inch vinyl (a future post!), the painting is just brilliant in blue and reds. It is often mistaken as a photograph, which of course it isn't. Yet another one of those iconic 242 images!
The disc artwork (or lack thereof) is the same. The 3 inch disc comes with a plastic white adaptor.

Interception RRE "slimline" version front

Interception RRE "slimline" version back

Interception RRE 5 inch disc

Interception RRE cardboard 3 inch version front

Interception RRE cardboard 3 inch version back

Interception RRE 3 inch disc with adaptor

The Wax Trax! version has the same image, but on close inspection the blue hues are just more muted, undoubtedly differences in printing quality and technique.
The picture sleeve here folds out into another advertisement for the Wax Trax! catalogue.

The jewel case insert offers the back image rotated, with song titles in yellow boxes and a barcode.
The disc differs slightly with the RRE versions, offering a bigger Front 242 logo and the song titles without times, and the name of the single "Interception."

All three discs feature the same two tracks:
"Quite Unusual"

It has the catalogue number WAX CD 016

Although these are by no means rare, the 3 inch in cardboard sleeve would be the most collectible one.

Interception Wax Trax! version front

Interception Wax Trax! version back

Interception Wax Trax! version foldout

Interception Wax Trax! jewel case insert

Interception Wax Trax! disc (image is blurry due to scanner mirror effect...sorry!)

Poster of the Week: Moment of Terror

Here we have another of those iconic Front 242 posters, this time from the FRONT X FRONT era, and is titled "Moment of Terror".

This quote was used on much of the album and T-Shirt artwork during this time in 242 history.
I have written in the past about these items and the source of the quote:

The poster features classic 242 concert images, surrounded by the FRONT X FRONT era 242 logo, this time in blue (most of the time it is in red).

You can still find this poster on secondary markets, but it is sometimes hard to find in mint condition, as the glossy black is not very forgiving when it comes to pinholes and folds.

Moment of Terror poster