Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bootleg of the Week: Television Station

Here is another of those classic bootlegs for which no good Front 242 collection would be complete without!

Dating from around 1986 is "Television Station". This is a very beautiful and somewhat harder to find bootleg. Once again, imagine the time and effort it would take to make a vinyl bootleg!

The artwork for this release is very nice. It borrows images from "A Selective Retaliation."
The front image is a classic 242 pose, with a more gothic-heavy Front 242 logo.
The reverse contains one of the still images from the Quite Unusual video shoot.

Additional information from the sleeve:
"Most of the people do hate persons like us - but we never want to persuade to love us - only to buy our records. So this is our latest edition of live material and other unavailable studio-material. We thank Pete, Edmund, Lev, Ariane and all other persons who like rumblefish."

I am uncertain if this is supposed to be a Front 242 quote or a quote from the "bootleggers!?" To me it does not sound like the kind of thing 242 would say, especially from the "No Comment" and "Official Version" point in their careers!

Also we find on the sleeve:
"To contact us write to: "This is to sorry about" Belgique, 3100 Bruxelles 12em, Rue de la croix 155"

Once again, this does not seem to be an appropriate addy for Transmission 242.

The track listing is as follows:

Side 1 (Referred to as Front 242 Television Station 1st Programme:

  1. Lovely Day (Western Art Pt. I)
  2. U-Men (Daniel B. Remix)
  3. Funkadahfi (Frustration Mix) 9.15
  4. Special Forces (Demo Version Sept. '81)
Mixed on 27, March 1986 at Hahn Studios by Klaus Barbie.
(Note the only Klaus Barbie I could find was the Nazi Gestapo thug known as the Butcher of Lyon! Surely not the work of a remixer!
This version of Special Forces is also found on the 7" bootleg "Televison Programm 1st)

Side 2 (Referred to as Front 242 Televison Station 2nd Programme:
  1. S. Fr. Nomenklatura
  2. Don't Crash
  3. Lovely Day
  4. No Shuffle
  5. Body To Body (Single Version)
  6. Take One
  7. Funkadahfi
  8. U-Men
Live in Germany, Bochum, Logo 10.10. 1985
(Note these tracks can be found on several 242 bootlegs, including Technopolis Volume 1)

Depending on condition of the vinyl and picture sleeve, expect to pay in the $100+ range if you can find this one!

Television Station (front)

Television Station (back)

Television Station (side 1)

Television Station (side 2)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Memorabilia of the Week: Music From The Empty Quarter 7

From 1993 we have an issue of "Music From The Empty Quarter" issue #7. "MFTEQ" as it was often shortened was the house magazine of the record store/music label "The Empty Quarter." This magazine featured numerous review articles and interviews with the leading Industrial and Electronic/Dance acts of the day.

Regarding this issue, the 242 material here included lengthy reviews of the Art & Strategy 1992 Exhibit, as well as a review of the compilation video "Integration Eight X Ten" and the bootleg "Live Target". All reviews were written by Mathew F. Riley (and apparently today he has a blog:

The reviews are generally favorable except for the Front 242 video reviews. Here Mr. Riley is somewhat scathing, and perhaps rightfully so (we could all debate the artistic merits of the video for "Tragedy >For You<")

Next time, I will spotlight issue #8, which features an interview conducted with Patrick.

(Note, clicking on the scans does enlarge them for reading.)

Music From The Empty Quarter 7 cover

Art & Strategy review (part 1)

Art & Strategy review (continued) and Integration 8 X 10 review

Integration review (continued) and Live Target review

Live Target review (continued)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Record of the Week: Politics of Pressure CD

As topical now as they were circa 1985, Front 242 remain ever vigilante, always "sampling the media" yet providing "No Comment" or "Official Version..."

Here we have several CD releases of the ep "Politics of Pressure." Of course, this features the standout track for today: "Funkahdafi." (Here is a link to a rare Re:Boot version from the Compact Tour: 

First is the RRE Version, available in both "slimline" and 3 inch mini disc formats. Both have the catalogue number: MK 4 CD. 

Politics of Pressure RRE slimline sleeve front
Politics of Pressure RRE slimline sleeve back
Politics of Pressure RRE version disc
Politics of Pressure RRE 3 inch sleeve front (shrink wrapped)
Politics of Pressure RRE 3 inch sleeve back
Politics of Pressure RRE 3 inch disc with adapter

The stateside Wax Trax version uses the same artwork, although the coloring is somewhat different in that more brown tones are used. In addition, the title for "No Shuffle" is absent from the sleeve. It would appear that it was cut off in final designs, but I am only guessing. The Wax Trax version offers additional artwork in the jewel case insert, which is also seen on the vinyl artwork. The foldout is an advertisement for the Wax Trax mail order catalogue.

The Wax Trax disc is also slightly different in that it offers an open black box surrounding the track names. Both american and european releases have the same material.
The Wax Trax version has the catalogue number: Wax CD 014

Politics of Pressure Wax Trax version sleeve front

Politics of Pressure Wax Trax version sleeve back
Politics of Pressure Wax Trax version sleeve foldout
Politics of Pressure Wax Trax version jewel case insert
Politics of Pressure Wax Trax vesion disc
Once again, lest Front 242 be accused of siding with a particular faction or regime, they only sample the media and present it "Front" and center..."It's Up To You, To Decide..."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Poster of the Week: UP EVIL Tour St. Louis

Here we have a poster/handbill from one of the stops on Front 242's 1993 UP EVIL Tour. This tour followed on the heels of 242's appearance on the Lollapalooza '93 stage.
Where the latter was lacking in ambience and the pyrotechnics of a classic 242 show, the smaller, more intimate club tour that followed more than made up for the problems that Front 242 had to contend with!

This poster is from the November 29, 1993 show in St. Louis, Missouri. I was personally at this show and it delivered. Richard was particularly animated that evening, sporting his mohawk, while wearing a red cup! with black bicycle shorts beneath. Jean Luc sported one of his "dragon" shirts that he wore throughout the LollapaIooza and UP EVIL Tours. The stage featured the giant gargoyle from the Religion artwork. I also enjoyed the two opening acts and for a time became fans of both the short-lived Ethyl Meatplow and Stabbing Westward.

The bill itself measures 8.5 by 5.5 inches and is printed on pink paper stock. What is most interesting about this time in Front 242 history is how Daniel B. came out from behind the mixing desk to appear more "front" and center. He has always been the mysterious "Member 0" and early 242 promo material often obscured his image, adding to the sense of mystery and intrigue.
The new 242 material at the time downplayed the roles of Jean Luc and Richard 23, and so it seems fitting that Patrick C. and Daniel B. would feature more prominently in the advertising material.

The highlight for me was actually meeting the band members and creating friendships that have lasted to this day! "Stand by the Innovators!"

Front 242 UP EVIL Tour, St. Louis, Missouri, November 29, 1993

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Compilation of the Week: Extreme Clubhits II

From 1999 we have volume 2 of the German series "Extreme Clubhits". This is a series of releases on the German label "UpSolution Records." It has the catalogue number UpSolution CD 9925.
From what I can gather from the booklet, these are featured tracks from the German "Club EXTREME", which featured "Dark Disco Fridays." I am uncertain whether this club is still in existence, as I find little information on a Google search.

There are at least 11 volumes that I can find listed in the series. Front 242 has featured tracks on several of the volumes (more later).

The Front 242 track listed is "Happiness (live edit)" and is the version from Re:Boot. So no new material here.
The booklet features the model named "Blue" and, as the disc demonstrates, appears to be quite flexible! The booklet features more of the same.

Track Listing:

  1. Aphrodelics:  "Rolling On Chrome (Instrumental/"Being Boiled")"
  2. Wolfsheim:  "Once In A Lifetime"
  3. Apoptygma Berzerk:  "Electricity (OMD Cover Track)"
  4. Front 242: "Happiness (live edit)"
  5. Wayne G. feat Stewart Who?: "Twisted"
  6. Nefilim:  "Xodus (last rites remixed by Metatron/The Saints of Eden)"
  7. God IS LSD:  "C.M.C. (live in...)"
  8. Berurier Noir:  "Le Renard"
  9. Him:  "Wicked Game"
  10. Fields of the Nephilim:  "Laura II"
  11. Darc Entries:  "Never Again"
  12. Century:  "Lost"
  13. Sara Noxx:  "Society"
  14. Silke Bischoff:  "Silent Encounter"
  15. Witt/Heppner:  "Die Flut (radio edit)"
  16. Melotron:  "Der Blaue Planet (clubmix)"
  17. Borderline:  "Morgen"
Extreme Clubhits II (booklet front)

Extreme Clubhits II (booklet back)
Extreme Clubhits II (disc)
Extreme Clubhits II (jewel case insert pussy cat!)
Extreme Clubhits II (jewel case insert back)

Monday, March 7, 2011

T-Shirt of the Week: Danger

Here we have one of the more modern and currently offered Front 242 T-Shirts, entitled "Danger." It can still be purchased from Transmission 242 here:

The front of the shirt features a red version of the pilot as seen on the "Moments" release on Alfa Matrix. The reverse features an almost washed-out red Front 242 logo with the quote "Danger Can Come From Everywhere..." Of course, this is a quote from the song "Red Team" from the album "Official Version." (Although correct me if I am wrong, the quote could be "Danger Can Come From Anywhere...")

Although I enjoyed the "re:booted" versions of the 242 material, it has been great to see Front 242 return to their imagery "roots" if you will. "It's Up To You, To Decide..."

Danger T-Shirt (front)
Danger T-Shirt (back)

(BTW Hope to get the blog a bit more regular back on course)