Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Compilation of the Week: Extreme Clubhits II

From 1999 we have volume 2 of the German series "Extreme Clubhits". This is a series of releases on the German label "UpSolution Records." It has the catalogue number UpSolution CD 9925.
From what I can gather from the booklet, these are featured tracks from the German "Club EXTREME", which featured "Dark Disco Fridays." I am uncertain whether this club is still in existence, as I find little information on a Google search.

There are at least 11 volumes that I can find listed in the series. Front 242 has featured tracks on several of the volumes (more later).

The Front 242 track listed is "Happiness (live edit)" and is the version from Re:Boot. So no new material here.
The booklet features the model named "Blue" and, as the disc demonstrates, appears to be quite flexible! The booklet features more of the same.

Track Listing:

  1. Aphrodelics:  "Rolling On Chrome (Instrumental/"Being Boiled")"
  2. Wolfsheim:  "Once In A Lifetime"
  3. Apoptygma Berzerk:  "Electricity (OMD Cover Track)"
  4. Front 242: "Happiness (live edit)"
  5. Wayne G. feat Stewart Who?: "Twisted"
  6. Nefilim:  "Xodus (last rites remixed by Metatron/The Saints of Eden)"
  7. God IS LSD:  "C.M.C. (live in...)"
  8. Berurier Noir:  "Le Renard"
  9. Him:  "Wicked Game"
  10. Fields of the Nephilim:  "Laura II"
  11. Darc Entries:  "Never Again"
  12. Century:  "Lost"
  13. Sara Noxx:  "Society"
  14. Silke Bischoff:  "Silent Encounter"
  15. Witt/Heppner:  "Die Flut (radio edit)"
  16. Melotron:  "Der Blaue Planet (clubmix)"
  17. Borderline:  "Morgen"
Extreme Clubhits II (booklet front)

Extreme Clubhits II (booklet back)
Extreme Clubhits II (disc)
Extreme Clubhits II (jewel case insert pussy cat!)
Extreme Clubhits II (jewel case insert back)

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