Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Memorabilia of the Week: Music From The Empty Quarter 7

From 1993 we have an issue of "Music From The Empty Quarter" issue #7. "MFTEQ" as it was often shortened was the house magazine of the record store/music label "The Empty Quarter." This magazine featured numerous review articles and interviews with the leading Industrial and Electronic/Dance acts of the day.

Regarding this issue, the 242 material here included lengthy reviews of the Art & Strategy 1992 Exhibit, as well as a review of the compilation video "Integration Eight X Ten" and the bootleg "Live Target". All reviews were written by Mathew F. Riley (and apparently today he has a blog:

The reviews are generally favorable except for the Front 242 video reviews. Here Mr. Riley is somewhat scathing, and perhaps rightfully so (we could all debate the artistic merits of the video for "Tragedy >For You<")

Next time, I will spotlight issue #8, which features an interview conducted with Patrick.

(Note, clicking on the scans does enlarge them for reading.)

Music From The Empty Quarter 7 cover

Art & Strategy review (part 1)

Art & Strategy review (continued) and Integration 8 X 10 review

Integration review (continued) and Live Target review

Live Target review (continued)

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