Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Compilation of the Week: Epic Audio Buyways 403/'91

Here we have another in the promotional "Epic Audio Buyways" series from 1991. A previous post in the series (November 10, 2010) gave us two tracks from the album "Tyranny >For You<". Here we have a promotional single for the second single release from that album: "Rhythm of Time"

The catalogue number for this promo cassette is EAT3006. This copy was obtained from ebay and so is a little rough for the wear!

Track Listing:

Side One:

  1. Joe Walsh:  "Ordinary Average Guy"
  2. Joe Walsh:  "Look At Us Now"
  3. Sweet Obsession:  "Elevator"
Side Two:
  1. This Beat Is Hot - Secchi: "I Say Yeah"
  2. Offshore:  "I Can't Take The Power"
  3. Front 242:  "Rhythm of Time"
Epic Audio Buyways 403/'91 promotional cassette 

Epic Audio Buyways 403/'91 cassette Side Two

Monday, November 29, 2010

T-Shirt of the Week: Official Warfare (Original)

This one goes waaay back. Here is my original "Official Warfare" T-Shirt. This shirt was purchased from one of the original Wax Trax! catalogues/flyers that were inserted with copies of Front 242 12" vinyl albums and singles. Long before the internet and Transmission 242, this was the only way you could get your hands on 242 Merchandise.

This was my "Official attire" for any and every 242 concert I could attend. I wore this shirt everywhere, and still wear it sometimes today! It has held up well, despite it being almost 24 years old!!! It has faded but the screening work has retained most of its shape.

This is an iconic 242 piece. The helicopter and Russian typography are quintessential 242. In fact, you can still purchase this T-Shirt today via Transmission 242: http://front242.com/site/content/merchandise.asp?type=1&id=14

Official Warfare T-Shirt circa 1986


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bootleg of the Week: Technopolis Volume 7

Nearing the end of the bootleg Technopolis series, Volume 7 features two Front 242 tracks, both of which have 'official' releases outright, but are bootlegged here.
First is "Rhythm of Time [Messengers from Neptune Mix]" which appears on the 7" vinyl release and later on "Mix@ge Mut@ge" and "Body To Body (1985 Version)" which originally appeared on the compilation "This Is Electronic Body Music"

Once again the artwork rips H.R. Giger, although this one very near resembles Volume 1 in the series. The black CD is unchanged.

Also of note is the Depeche Mode track here "Strange Love (Discotech Mix)" as it makes heavy use of the "Hey Poor" sample from "Welcome To Paradise" throughout the track.

Since Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode collectors go for this CD as well, it seems always a bit harder to find despite the material being rather recycled. Expect to pay $25-$50.

Track List:

  1. Kraftwerk:  "Numbers (Wicked Mix)"
  2. Depeche Mode:  "Strange Love (Discotech Mix)"
  3. Depeche Mode:  "Everything Counts (Bomb Beyond The Yalu Mix)"
  4. Depeche Mode:  "Sea of Sin (Ultra Hot Razor Mix)"
  5. Depeche Mode:  "Somebody (Germix)"
  6. Depeche Mode:  "Enjoy The Silence (Ultra Hot Razor Mix)"
  7. Front Line Assembly:  "Final Impact (Razormaid Mix)"
  8. Spock:  "Never Trust A Klingon (Gravity Version)"
  9. Front 242:  "Body To Body (1985 Version)"
  10. Front 242:  "Rhythm of Time (Messengers From Neptune)"
  11. Depeche Mode:  "Strange Love (Powerhouse Mix)"
Technopolis Volume 7

Technopolis Volume 7 Jewel Case Insert

Technopolis Volume 7 Disc

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Memorabilia of the Week: OFF Retail Guide

Here we have a nice promotional piece/retail guide for the release of "05:22:09:12 OFF"
This was given to retailers to inform, promote and assist in ordering the current album and to push the back catalogue as well.

It begins with some nice quotes from the mainstream press, largely capitalizing on Front's Lollapalooza stint in the summer of 1993.
Following a piece describing the album OFF and the promotional materials that would be issued to coincide with the album release (one being the very large promotional poster spotlighted on the November 4 blog). 
Advertising for OFF included ads in DC Comics ("mostly from their futuristic title series") and the other alternative magazines popular in the day.
Brief tour details then follow.

I find it interesting in the "Selling Points," the validation that Front had sold over 100,000 copies of each of their albums!

05:22:09:12 OFF Retail Guide (front)

05:22:09:12 OFF Retail Guide (back)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Record of the Week: Rhythm of Time 7" Vinyl: 3 versions

Here we have the 7 inch vinyl single for "Rhythm of Time" from 3 different countries.
This was the second single released from the album "Tyranny >For You<", following closely on the heels of the single "Tragedy >For You<". It had a memorable video release and will forever be linked as the "noise maker" video in the movie "Singe White Female."

"Rhythm of Time" was released in various formats (which of course will be spotlighted later)...including 7", 12", CD, and cassette singles. It was not released as a 7" vinyl in the United States.

The single contains one track not featured on the other formats: the Orb's "Messengers From Neptune" mix, which clocks in at an astounding 8'39". It can be found on legitimate and bootleg CDs.

Here is presented versions from Europe proper (here with a promo Play It Again Sam letter in German), France, and Spain. All three have the same front cover art: the gorgeous red background with the Tyranny "Time" symbol, but mainly differing in the back sleeve artwork with different logos, bar codes, etc. The back sleeve has some of the most striking 242 images, featuring beloved "swimmer" art, seen previously with "Never Stop!"
The Spanish version has different vinyl art. This type of minutiae likely only to appeal to the hardcore 242 collector!

Track List:
Side One (A):  Rhythm of Time-7"  3'32"  [45 rpm]
Side Two (B):  Rhythm of Time-Messengers From Neptune  8'39"  [33 rpm]

If you can translate the letter, please post or contact me and I will be sure to give you credit!
First is the "RRE" Version. It has the catalogue number: RRE 13

Rhythm of Time Front Sleeve RRE Version

Rhythm of Time Back Sleeve RRE Version

Rhythm of Time Vinyl Side One

Rhythm of Time Vinyl Side Two

PIAS Promotional Letter

Here we have the French Version, released on Remark Records/PolyGram. The front sleeve is the same. The back sleeve with slight differences and a sticker; it has the catalogue number: 867 034-7

Rhythm of Time Back Sleeve Remark (French) Version

Remark Version Vinyl Side One

Remark Version Vinyl Side Two

Finally, here is the Spanish version on Nuevos Medios Records. It has the catalogue number: 60 570. This copy appears to be a promotional one as it has a promotional stamp, which is very faint in the pictures, that reads something like: "Discoteca; Radio Popular De Salamanca". Here the vinyl disc art is the most different, and the most unattractive:

Rhythm of Time Front Sleeve Spanish Version with promo? stamp on cover

Rhythm of Time Back Sleeve Spanish Version

Spanish Version Side A

Spanish Version Side B

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Poster of the Week: The Fillmore, San Francisco, May 17, 1989

Here is a nice poster from the FRONT BY FRONT Tour, May 17, 1989 at The Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, California.

The poster itself measures 13 by 19 inches and is on heavy card stock. The design is nice, although not one that is typically associated with Front 242's graphic design. It was designed by artist Marc D'Estout.

Here is a picture someone has posted from the show: http://g-na.org/gallery/slides/front242-3_17may89.html

And the poster itself can be purchased here: http://www.wolfgangsvault.com/front-242/poster-art/poster/F099.html?utm_source=GoogleBase&utm_medium=PosterArt&utm_campaign=GoogleBase and I see it for sale on ebay periodically.

Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, May 17, 1989



Friday, November 19, 2010

Compilation of the Week: Lollapalooza 1993

Here we have a promotional disc on the Sony Label for the 1993 Lollapalooza Tour.
This was a big thing for Front 242 and really got their music out to a much wider audience.
Some claimed Front 242 were the "token industrial band" for that year (a la Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, who had successful stints at Lollapalooza).

The main drawback of Lollapalooza 1993 was the placement of 242 in the lineup. For much, if not all the tour, Front was relegated to early, daytime spots, and lacked the benefit of the dark or lighting effects. The stage was dominated by the large Gargoyle backdrop, which, although beautiful in graphic design, did nothing to explain who Front 242 were. Add the sweltering summer heat and you have a good recipe for disaster. And yet, 242 pulled it off!
There were some interviews following where members of 242 admitted that it wasn't the end- all-to-be-all of tours, but the UP EVIL tour that shortly followed more than made up for the lack of visuals, and Front 242 benefited from appearances on MTV, the mainstream media and press, and I'm sure more records were sold as a result.
My personal recollection included being dressed in my black "Official Combat" shirt with combat boots in sweltering July heat...and a 242-sized sunburn was the result. But I did get to meet Daniel B. at the mixing desk and had free-reign at the front of the stage.

This CD has the catalogue number CSK 5256 and features studio recordings of the artists on the tour, not live versions. Where else are you going to get 242 with the likes of Alice In Chains (who were great fans of 242 by the wayt!), Tool, Rage Against The Machine, Fishbone, or Babes In Toyland?
Expect to pay between $10-$15.00 for a copy.

Track List:

  1. Primus:  "Mr. Krinkle"
  2. Alice In Chains:  "Dam That River"
  3. Dinosaur Jr.:  "Goin Home"
  4. Fishbone:  "Swim"
  5. Front 242:  "Religion"
  6. Tool:  "4°"
  7. Babes In Toyland:  "He's My Thing"
  8. Rage Against The Machine:  "Killing In The Name"
  9. Cell:  "Stratosphere"
  10. Free Kitten:  "Platinumb"
  11. Lighter Shade of Brown:  "Check It Out"
  12. Mercury Rev:  "Something For Joey"
  13. Mosquito:  "Caved-In"
  14. Mutabaruka:  "Ecology Poem"
  15. Royal Trux:  "Air"
  16. Sebadoh:  "Show Tape (Single Edit)"
  17. Tsunami:  "Slugger"
  18. Unrest:  "Suki"
Lollapalooza Tour CD 1993

Insert, with Tour Dates

Lollapalooza Tour CD 1993 Jewel Case Insert


Thursday, November 18, 2010

T-Shirt of the Week: Front 242 Group Shirt (Wax Trax!)

Allowing for my poor Photoshop cropping, here is one of the early T-Shirts that were offered by the Wax Trax! mail catalogue. Back in the day, Chicago was a mecca for all things industrial and Front 242 were instrumental in bringing that sound to the masses!
Along with label mates, Ministry, KMFDM, RevCo, Laibach, And One, Frontline Assembly, and many, many more, Wax Trax! was a "who's who" of ebm, industrial and darkwave.

Wax Trax! initially offered this shirt and the "Commando" shirt by mail order.
The graphic is quite striking and is one of those iconic 242 images. It can also be seen as one of the prints from "A Selective Retaliation."

This particular shirt has seen better days, but holds a special place in any 242 wardrobe!

Front 242 Group Photo T-Shirt



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bootleg of the Week: Technopolis Volume 6

Once again, continuing the review of Front 242 tracks on the bootleg compilation series "Technopolis", volume 6 features 2 live tracks from the 1989 tour: "Don't Crash" and "Until Death". As goes the other CDs in this series, artwork is lifted from H.R. Giger, although here it is less distinct, but far more "phallic" in design. The CD art is unchanged.

Since this bootleg also contains some excellent tracks from Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode, this is also collected by those fans as well. This CD usually runs in the $25-$30 range.

Track List:

  1. Vomito Negro:  "In Strict Tempo (Live on Tour 1990)"
  2. Vomito Negro:  "Baby Needs Crack (LIve on Tour 1990)"
  3. The Klinik:  "Face to Face (Live on Tour 1989)"
  4. The Klinik:  "Ring of Fire (LIve on Tour 1989)"
  5. Frontline Assembly:  "Big Money (Live on Tour 1989)"
  6. Frontline Assembly:  "Untitled (Live on Tour 1989)"
  7. Kraftwerk:  "Nummern (Live on Tour 1981)"
  8. Kraftwerk:  "Computerwelt (Live on Tour 1981)"
  9. Front 242: "Don't Crash (LIve on US Tour 1989)"
  10. Front 242:  "Until Death (Live on US Tour 1989)"
  11. Depeche Mode:  "Pimp Mix"
  12. Depeche Mode:  "Mixo Phone Mode"
Technopolis Volume 6

Technopolis Volume 6 Jewel Case Insert

Technopolis Volume 6 Disc

Monday, November 15, 2010

Memorabilia of the Week: Tyranny For You Stickers

Here is another one of those 'iconic' Front 242 items: the "Tyranny >For You<" stickers.
These were sold in the Transmission 242 catalogue as a set of 6 for the price of 100 BEF/$3.00 US.
They were available in both 'white' and the negative 'black', although you could not really specify which you wanted. They were also often placed in orders as freebies and extra goodies.
Each sticker measures about 2.5 by 3.25 inches ( 6.5 by 8 cm)

Not only are these a great design, but they are very functional and up the 'cool' factor when placed on just about anything...computers, car bumpers, windows, etc.

You don't see these quite as often anymore, as they are a 'disposable' commodity. A great souvenir from a great 242 era!

If you need a crash-course in their meaning, they are: (Left to Right)

Tyranny For You 'white' stickers

Tyranny For You 'black' stickers

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Record of the Week: Never Stop 7" Spanish Release

Here we have a nice alternative to the standard 7" vinyl that was released for the single "Never Stop!"
Issued on the Spanish Label 'Nuevos Medios', this version of "Never Stop!" features an alternative picture sleeve than that issued for the US and regular European release. It has the label # 60393S.
Although not seen as often as the general release, it can usually be had for around $25.00, depending on the condition of the picture sleeve. The drawback of the solid black sleeve is the propensity for bends and fingerprints, as seen in this example.

Track Listing:

  1. Side A:  "Never Stop!"  3:56.07
  2. Side B:  "Agony [Until Death]"  5:10.26
Never Stop! (Spanish) Sleeve

Never Stop! (Spanish) Sleeve reverse

Never Stop! (Spanish) Vinyl Side A

Never Stop! (Spanish) Vinyl Side B

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Poster of the Week: DNA Lounge, San Francisco November 6, 2005

Here is one of my favorite "newer" 242 posters, although it is hard to believe that it is already 5 years old!
From the 2004-2005 anniversary "Catch The Men Tour" is this beautiful illustrated poster from the show at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco on November 6, 2005.
In fact, here is the owner's (although not the most flattering) review of the show: http://www.dnalounge.com/backstage/log/2005/11/
I believe there are mp3 bootlegs circulating amongst the interwebs of this show. (Ahem...perhaps it will find its way as a Bootleg of the Week!)

The poster itself was created by R Black, who is quite the prolific poster artist. A website is here: http://www.rblack.org/home.html

The poster measures 12.5 by 17 inches and is on glossy card stock. The image is very "Tank Girl" and reminds me a great deal (in a good way) of Brute!/KMFDM-style.

I see this poster come up on ebay for the $10.00 - $25.00 range, but you may still be able to purchase it directly! http://www.dnalounge.com/store/posters.html

DNA Lounge, November 6, 2005



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Compilation of the Week: Epic Audio Buyways 104/'91

Here we have a promotional cassette tape as part of the "Epic Audio Buyways" series. This was a promotional program for retailers to sample various artists on the Epic/Sony roster and upcoming releases. It has the catalogue number EAT3000.

The two tracks offered by Front 242: "Sacrifice" and "Gripped By Fear" are unusual selections, not being title cuts from "Tyranny >For You<". Gripped By Fear would be released as a promotional single, but never formerly released as a commercial single. Mixed By Fear would see release in Europe as a Maxi, but it was not released by Epic in the United States.

Track List
Side One:

  1. Gloria Estefan:  "Coming Out of the Dark"
  2. Gloria Estefan:  "Seal Our Fate"
  3. Front 242:  "Sacrifice"
  4. Front 242:  "Gripped By Fear"
  5. Alexander O'Neil:  "All True Man"
  6. Alexander O'Neil:  "What Is This Thing Called Love?"
Side Two:
  1. Rhythm Corps:  "Satellites"
  2. Rhythm Corps:  "The Right Thing"
  3. Screaming Trees:  "Bed of Roses"
  4. Screaming Trees:  "Something About Today"
  5. Spin Doctors:  "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong"
  6. Spin Doctors:  "Big Fat Funky Booty"
Gloria Estefan...Screaming Trees...242....a strange compilation to say the least...

Epic Audio Buyways 104/'91

Cassette Side 1

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

T-Shirt of the Week: Re:Boot Rotor

Here we have an example of the Re:Boot Rotor T-shirts. Sometimes these are still offered for sale by Transmission 242, often in different colors, or with slightly different variations of the 242 logo.

This particular shirt was purchased way back in 1998 during the Re:Boot Tour. It was my first shirt that sported the new 'modernized' electro 242 logo. The star is a nice touch and I still occasionally find myself wearing it, as I favor these "ringer" T-Shirts...

Re:Boot "Rotor" T-Shirt


Monday, November 8, 2010

Bootleg of the Week: Technopolis Volume 5

Continuing the review of 242 appearances on the Technopolis compilation bootlegs, Volume 5 features two Front 242 tracks. Track #1 is "The Untold (Unreleased Live Version)" and Track #2 features "Until Death (Unreleased Live Version)".
At the beginning of the track "Until Death" Richard dates it as "This is 91..." so this was obviously from the Tyranny Tour.

It goes without saying that the disc artwork and picture sleeve continue the same theme, with more 'borrowed' H.R. Giger artwork.

Other standout tracks include tracks by Nitzer Ebb and Depeche Mode, once again making it collectible by their fans as well and a little bit harder to come by. Expect to pay between $25-60 for a copy.

Track Listing:

  1. Front 242:  "The Untold (Unreleased Live Version)"
  2. Front 242:  "Until Death (Unreleased Live Version)"
  3. Nitzer Ebb:  "Join In The Chant (Mixophonic Remix)"
  4. Nitzer Ebb:  "Fun To Be Had (Mixx-It Remix)"
  5. Depeche Mode:  "1987 Medley (Mixx-It Medley)"
  6. Depeche Mode:  "Strange Mix (On-Usound Remix)"
  7. Funkmeister:  "Wardance (Recorded in the Bunker)"
  8. Funkmeister:  "Wardance (The Debauch Mix)"

Technopolis Volume 5

Technopolis Volume 5 Jewel Case Insert

Technopolis Volume 5 Disc