Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Compilation of the Week: Epic Audio Buyways 104/'91

Here we have a promotional cassette tape as part of the "Epic Audio Buyways" series. This was a promotional program for retailers to sample various artists on the Epic/Sony roster and upcoming releases. It has the catalogue number EAT3000.

The two tracks offered by Front 242: "Sacrifice" and "Gripped By Fear" are unusual selections, not being title cuts from "Tyranny >For You<". Gripped By Fear would be released as a promotional single, but never formerly released as a commercial single. Mixed By Fear would see release in Europe as a Maxi, but it was not released by Epic in the United States.

Track List
Side One:

  1. Gloria Estefan:  "Coming Out of the Dark"
  2. Gloria Estefan:  "Seal Our Fate"
  3. Front 242:  "Sacrifice"
  4. Front 242:  "Gripped By Fear"
  5. Alexander O'Neil:  "All True Man"
  6. Alexander O'Neil:  "What Is This Thing Called Love?"
Side Two:
  1. Rhythm Corps:  "Satellites"
  2. Rhythm Corps:  "The Right Thing"
  3. Screaming Trees:  "Bed of Roses"
  4. Screaming Trees:  "Something About Today"
  5. Spin Doctors:  "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong"
  6. Spin Doctors:  "Big Fat Funky Booty"
Gloria Estefan...Screaming Trees...242....a strange compilation to say the least...

Epic Audio Buyways 104/'91

Cassette Side 1

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  1. Weird compilation, but "Sacrifice" is one of my favourite 242 songs. :-D