Monday, November 1, 2010

T-Shirt of the Week: Tyranny For You Tour 1991

Here we have a "classic" Front 242 T-Shirt from the massive 1991 Tyranny >For You< Tour. In support of their signing with a so-called 'major' record label, 242 embarked on a 'world tour'. Highlights of this tour can be witnessed in the "Live Target" bootleg and Tyranny Tour videos.

Here we have a T-Shirt available from that tour. It is quite striking with the artwork from the album proper, screened multi-color. You can sometimes still find these shirts in decent shape in the secondary markets. The challenge is to find a nice example that does not have the tour dates or the image cracked or faded, as this shirt seems want to do.

Tyranny >For You< Tour 1991 Front


Tyranny >For You< Tour 1991 Reverse


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