Monday, November 22, 2010

Record of the Week: Rhythm of Time 7" Vinyl: 3 versions

Here we have the 7 inch vinyl single for "Rhythm of Time" from 3 different countries.
This was the second single released from the album "Tyranny >For You<", following closely on the heels of the single "Tragedy >For You<". It had a memorable video release and will forever be linked as the "noise maker" video in the movie "Singe White Female."

"Rhythm of Time" was released in various formats (which of course will be spotlighted later)...including 7", 12", CD, and cassette singles. It was not released as a 7" vinyl in the United States.

The single contains one track not featured on the other formats: the Orb's "Messengers From Neptune" mix, which clocks in at an astounding 8'39". It can be found on legitimate and bootleg CDs.

Here is presented versions from Europe proper (here with a promo Play It Again Sam letter in German), France, and Spain. All three have the same front cover art: the gorgeous red background with the Tyranny "Time" symbol, but mainly differing in the back sleeve artwork with different logos, bar codes, etc. The back sleeve has some of the most striking 242 images, featuring beloved "swimmer" art, seen previously with "Never Stop!"
The Spanish version has different vinyl art. This type of minutiae likely only to appeal to the hardcore 242 collector!

Track List:
Side One (A):  Rhythm of Time-7"  3'32"  [45 rpm]
Side Two (B):  Rhythm of Time-Messengers From Neptune  8'39"  [33 rpm]

If you can translate the letter, please post or contact me and I will be sure to give you credit!
First is the "RRE" Version. It has the catalogue number: RRE 13

Rhythm of Time Front Sleeve RRE Version

Rhythm of Time Back Sleeve RRE Version

Rhythm of Time Vinyl Side One

Rhythm of Time Vinyl Side Two

PIAS Promotional Letter

Here we have the French Version, released on Remark Records/PolyGram. The front sleeve is the same. The back sleeve with slight differences and a sticker; it has the catalogue number: 867 034-7

Rhythm of Time Back Sleeve Remark (French) Version

Remark Version Vinyl Side One

Remark Version Vinyl Side Two

Finally, here is the Spanish version on Nuevos Medios Records. It has the catalogue number: 60 570. This copy appears to be a promotional one as it has a promotional stamp, which is very faint in the pictures, that reads something like: "Discoteca; Radio Popular De Salamanca". Here the vinyl disc art is the most different, and the most unattractive:

Rhythm of Time Front Sleeve Spanish Version with promo? stamp on cover

Rhythm of Time Back Sleeve Spanish Version

Spanish Version Side A

Spanish Version Side B


  1. Courtesy of Andreas, here is a translation of the above PIAS sheet.
    Thanks a million!

    Note I am posting this as he sent it to me... you asked, the translation of the release sheet.As this is ugly
    German, my translation is maybe 'unsound'-english, but correct with
    the it is, plain text:

    After the prepublicated 7"/12" 'Tragedy for You' which is in the German charts for 17 weeks (26.11.1990)
    and "Mixed by Fear' represents 'Rhythm of Time' the 3rd takeout from the so far most successful Front 242
    album 'Tyranny for You' (in the German charts since 4.2.91).

    Front 242, which are as part of their world tour in the USA while 'Rhythm of Time' 7"/12"/7CDs/MC is going
    to be released on April 15th 1991, targeting with this new takeout the trendy Clubber- and Discotheque-scene
    in Germany once again.

    After Front 242's 'Tragedy for You' was voted by DJ's on the Network Dance Charts to position 20, Front 242
    will go with 'Victor the Cleaner'-Remix by the Orb (Depeche Mode) one more step into the Techno-House-Dancefloor
    area to reduce their image as pure Techno-Band more and more.

    Certainly Front 242 do not disappointing their old fans. Alongside the Remix by "Ambient-House-Pope" Dr. Alex Paterson
    alias 'THe Orb', inventer of the "Chill-out-room" and co-father of the infamous House-label "Wau/Mr.Modo", the 12" and
    the Anti-G-Mix coming in proven Front 242-quality.

    The B-Side of the 7" includes as bonus the 'Messengers from Neptune'mix of 'Rhythm of Time', playable at 33 rpm.
    Ambient House from Dr. Alex Paterson.

  2. Very nice ! I like this songs very much !