Friday, November 19, 2010

Compilation of the Week: Lollapalooza 1993

Here we have a promotional disc on the Sony Label for the 1993 Lollapalooza Tour.
This was a big thing for Front 242 and really got their music out to a much wider audience.
Some claimed Front 242 were the "token industrial band" for that year (a la Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, who had successful stints at Lollapalooza).

The main drawback of Lollapalooza 1993 was the placement of 242 in the lineup. For much, if not all the tour, Front was relegated to early, daytime spots, and lacked the benefit of the dark or lighting effects. The stage was dominated by the large Gargoyle backdrop, which, although beautiful in graphic design, did nothing to explain who Front 242 were. Add the sweltering summer heat and you have a good recipe for disaster. And yet, 242 pulled it off!
There were some interviews following where members of 242 admitted that it wasn't the end- all-to-be-all of tours, but the UP EVIL tour that shortly followed more than made up for the lack of visuals, and Front 242 benefited from appearances on MTV, the mainstream media and press, and I'm sure more records were sold as a result.
My personal recollection included being dressed in my black "Official Combat" shirt with combat boots in sweltering July heat...and a 242-sized sunburn was the result. But I did get to meet Daniel B. at the mixing desk and had free-reign at the front of the stage.

This CD has the catalogue number CSK 5256 and features studio recordings of the artists on the tour, not live versions. Where else are you going to get 242 with the likes of Alice In Chains (who were great fans of 242 by the wayt!), Tool, Rage Against The Machine, Fishbone, or Babes In Toyland?
Expect to pay between $10-$15.00 for a copy.

Track List:

  1. Primus:  "Mr. Krinkle"
  2. Alice In Chains:  "Dam That River"
  3. Dinosaur Jr.:  "Goin Home"
  4. Fishbone:  "Swim"
  5. Front 242:  "Religion"
  6. Tool:  "4°"
  7. Babes In Toyland:  "He's My Thing"
  8. Rage Against The Machine:  "Killing In The Name"
  9. Cell:  "Stratosphere"
  10. Free Kitten:  "Platinumb"
  11. Lighter Shade of Brown:  "Check It Out"
  12. Mercury Rev:  "Something For Joey"
  13. Mosquito:  "Caved-In"
  14. Mutabaruka:  "Ecology Poem"
  15. Royal Trux:  "Air"
  16. Sebadoh:  "Show Tape (Single Edit)"
  17. Tsunami:  "Slugger"
  18. Unrest:  "Suki"
Lollapalooza Tour CD 1993

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  1. Putting 242 in Lolapalooza in daylight shows was the worst thing that they could do with the guys. But you were very lucky to meet Daniel B, so the sunburn worth it ? :-D
    Is there a video from the live presentations from the band in Lolapalooza ?

  2. I have a segment of video from MTV's old alternative show "120 Minutes" which was a special edition spotlighting Lollapalooza that year. It has some brief clips of 242 performing on stage and an interview with Patrick. Then follows the video for Tragedy >For You<.
    I will have to transfer it from video tape to digital, but I will eventually post it on my website or YouTube....who knows, it might already be there, I've never really checked....I will likely begin posting Front 242 video information as "Bootlegs of the Week" eventually....