Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bootleg of the Week: Technopolis Volume 6

Once again, continuing the review of Front 242 tracks on the bootleg compilation series "Technopolis", volume 6 features 2 live tracks from the 1989 tour: "Don't Crash" and "Until Death". As goes the other CDs in this series, artwork is lifted from H.R. Giger, although here it is less distinct, but far more "phallic" in design. The CD art is unchanged.

Since this bootleg also contains some excellent tracks from Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode, this is also collected by those fans as well. This CD usually runs in the $25-$30 range.

Track List:

  1. Vomito Negro:  "In Strict Tempo (Live on Tour 1990)"
  2. Vomito Negro:  "Baby Needs Crack (LIve on Tour 1990)"
  3. The Klinik:  "Face to Face (Live on Tour 1989)"
  4. The Klinik:  "Ring of Fire (LIve on Tour 1989)"
  5. Frontline Assembly:  "Big Money (Live on Tour 1989)"
  6. Frontline Assembly:  "Untitled (Live on Tour 1989)"
  7. Kraftwerk:  "Nummern (Live on Tour 1981)"
  8. Kraftwerk:  "Computerwelt (Live on Tour 1981)"
  9. Front 242: "Don't Crash (LIve on US Tour 1989)"
  10. Front 242:  "Until Death (Live on US Tour 1989)"
  11. Depeche Mode:  "Pimp Mix"
  12. Depeche Mode:  "Mixo Phone Mode"
Technopolis Volume 6

Technopolis Volume 6 Jewel Case Insert

Technopolis Volume 6 Disc

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