Friday, November 5, 2010

Record of the Week: 4 From 2 From 242 Promo Cassette Single

Continuing a theme from the previous post, here we have the aptly named "4 From 2 From 242" promotional cassette single, from 1993. One has to give credit to Epic/Sony, or whomever came up with the idea and title for this promo, but it is quite clever and was an excellent way to push both 242 releases during that time. I have often thought that this would have been clever to do as a CD release as well.

The cassette artwork is quite striking, with a 'cool blue' side and a 'fiery red' reverse side. It has the catalogue number EAT 5550.

The tracks which are featured are not the typical tracks one would expect as well. From "OFF" we have "Crushed" and "Speed Angels" and from "UP EVIL" we have "Motion" and "Fuel"...both "Religion", "Crapage", and "Animal" are NOT represented, as they seem to pop up on almost all of the other promotional releases of this era.

Since the days of cassettes are long over, one doesn't see this quite as often anymore. However, it does seem to be fairly common, so expect to pay $10-$25 or more, depending on the condition of the cardboard sleeve.

"4 From 2 From 242" front side (still in shrinkwrap unopened)

"4 From 2 From 242" reverse side.


  1. Nice cover. I think this is the only one that is unopened in the whole planet. Thanks for sharing !

  2. I have this somewhere.
    There was also a promo sticker that puts both sides together and you can see it's a demon face. Way cool!

  3. Bobby: I think that is the sticker that came with the initial releases of "UP EVIL" is it not? Or I am unaware of the one you mention...
    I will post that sticker someday...