Sunday, November 7, 2010

Memorabilia of the Week: Tyranny For You Listening Party Invitation & Pass

Here we have another example of a "Tyranny >For You<" listening/preview party.
This particular invitation and guest pass is from November 1, 1990, at "Industry", which was a venue/club in Deep Ellum, Texas. Apparently this is a suburb of Dallas, Texas, and is a popular area for music and entertainment. Googling I can not find this location anymore, so I suspect it no longer exists.

The invitation reads:
"Front 242 is prepared to propel you into the violent electronic nucleus of the music for the new millenium (note misspelling). Your eardrums will be the first to experience full sensory fulfillment as Epic Records previews the new release from Front 242, "Tragedy for You" and their 1991 album, "Tyranny for You." The proceedings will take place at 8 p.m., Thursday, November 1, 1990 at Industry, 2920 Canton Street in Deep Ellum. Richard 23 from Front 242 will be on hand to give an extra charge to the evening. Liquid libations will be served. The attached security device may be used by two people to gain entry."

This would have been a true preview party, as the album itself was not released in the states until January, 1991.

Apparently, Richard 23 and liquid libations go hand-in-hand at Tyranny listening parties!

Also is a guest pass. Of note is the "Tyranny" symbol of "Man" in reverse.

Tyranny/Tragedy >For You< Preview Invitation

Guest Pass


  1. This is a true MEGARARE item!

    How did you get the invitation? It was sent to journalists at the time ?

    Congratulations for the blog!

  2. Hello, we would love to have a better scan quality of this invitation to use in the future wax trax's (really) urgent...please if this is still possible, send me a message at



    ps: yes, this is for real