Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Compilation of the Week: Over The Edge

"Over The Edge" is a 1993 compilation of artists on the Sony/Epic label. From the copyright notice, this was likely a Canadian released promo and it features much of the standard staple of Sony/Epic stars and some of the same songs one can find on other promos of this era.

The Front 242 tracks featured here are "Religion" and "Crapage".
The artwork features a play on Munch's "The Scream"...I suppose these artists were to "push one over the edge!?" There are nice little write ups about each artist featured on the disc in the liner notes. The CD came in a slimline jewel case, another hint that it wasn't an American issued promo. It has the catalogue number AMPS 001. I find few references of this disc on most of the major music sites, so estimated value or cost is uncertain, although there are no real rarities on this disc to speak of.

Regarding 242, the liner notes state:
"Diverse, original and powerful - Front 242 crosses into an industrial vision, a melding of Front 242 past, present, and future exposed through this foray into a collection of chaotic, driving mixes. First, there is the primal and physical scream, followed by logical thought and the capacity for choice. Front 242 are striding towards the end of the century. They impose a style, a sound even, which marries media manipulation to pure chaos via brute rhythms. From the album "06:21:03:11 Up Evil" (EK 53433)."

Track Listing:

  1. Gumball:  "Upsetter's Theme Song"
  2. Gumball:  "Real Gone Deal"
  3. fIREHOSE:  "Blaze"
  4. fIREHOSE:  "Disciples of the 3-Way"
  5. Naked Truth:  "Fight"
  6. Naked Truth:  "Read Between The Lines"
  7. Front 242:  "Religion (Bitch Slapper Mix)"
  8. Front 242:  "Crapage"
  9. Mercury Rev:  "Something for Joey"
  10. Mercury Rev:  "Bronx Cheer"
  11. Silverfish:  "BIg Bad Baby Pig Squeal"
  12. Silverfish:  "This Bug"
  13. Hollyfaith:  "Bliss"
  14. Hollyfaith:  "Whirlwind"
  15. New Model Army:  "Understand U"
  16. New Model Army:  "Here Comes the Way"
  17. Dandelion:  "Waiting for a Ride"
  18. Dandelion:  "Outside"
  19. Sun-60:  "Mary Xmess"
Over The Edge CD

Over The Edge Liner Notes

Over The Edge Track Listing

Over The Edge Disc

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