Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bootleg of the Week: Technopolis Volume 4

Technopolis Volume 4 continues the recycling of bootleg material found on other discs. Volume 4 features two live Front 242 tracks, versions of which also appear on the bootleg "Body To Body" (Live Chicago).

The packaging continues the use of H.R. Giger themes and the disc pattern is also unchanged. Other standout tracks on the disc include two live Depeche Mode tracks and a nice Nitzer Ebb "Power of the Voice Megamix."

This disc is worth it alone for the superb rendition of "Work 242!" Here Richard really works the crowd and Jean-Luc provides 'alternate' or rather, verses to the track, not found on the album." In fact, trying to make out these lyrics is an exercise unto itself. Here it is for your enjoyment (and hopes that someone can provide the correct lyrics!)
or the YouTube video:
Expect to pay around $25-50 for this CD.

Track List:

  1. Nitzer Ebb:  "Power of the Voice (Megamix)"
  2. Front 242:  "Felines (Live on Tour 1989)"
  3. Front 242:  "Work 242 (Live on Tour 1989)"
  4. A Split Second:  "Flesh (Live on Tour 1992)"
  5. A Split Second:  "Mambo Witch (Live on Tour 1992)"
  6. Armageddon Dildos:  "Resist (Live on Tour 1991)"
  7. Armageddon Dildos:  "Never Mind (Live on Tour 1991)"
  8. Psyche:  "Brain Collapses (Live on Tour 1992)"
  9. Psyche:  "Unveiling the Secret (Live on Tour 1992)"
  10. Metro Pakt:  "Neue Strassen"
  11. Metro Pakt:  "C.T.I."
  12. Absolute Body Control:  "Faceless"
  13. Absolute Body Control:  "Car Fever"
  14. Depeche Mode:  "Everything Counts (Live Open Air 1984)"
  15. Depeche Mode:  "Photographic (Live Open Air)"
Technopolis Volume 4

Technopolis Volume 4 Jewel Case Insert

Technopolis Volume 4 Disc

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