Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bootleg of the Week: Technopolis Volume 1

For the next few weeks I will spotlight the Front 242 tracks that appear on the Technopolis series of bootlegs...

Technopolis Volume 1 features four Front 242 tracks recorded from Bochum, Logo on 10/10/1985. These tracks incidentally are the same as featured on the Kampfbereit bootlegs.
The track listing is misleading in that it lists 11 tracks. In actuality,  track 5 is one single almost 20 minute long track featuring all four Front 242 tracks listed!

These are some favorite early 242 songs. My favorite bit is always when they guys are told to "move" and Richard responds "Move yourself! We have no place to move..." perhaps space was an issue?

The disc itself is entitled "Back In Black" and lists the CD as "All Rights Reserved. The Public Office 1992." The cover art is lifted from the fantastical works of H.R. Giger, who is famously known for his art and his work on the Alien film, among others.

This series of bootlegs are very popular with collectors, as they often contain tracks by Kraftwerk, Nitzer Ebb, Depeche Mode, etc. so their fans are also eager to collect them as well. Usually they can be had in the $25-$50.00 range.

Track List:

  1. Kraftwerk:  "Sex Object" (Never Released Demo 1983)
  2. Kraftwerk:  "Computerwelt" (Razormaid Medley Z-3 1985)
  3. Nitzer Ebb:  "Control I'm Here" (Razormaid Mix 0-24)
  4. Nitzer Ebb:  "Murderous" (Razormaid Mix)
  5. Front 242:   "Lovely Day" (Bochum Logo 10/10/1985 SBD)
  6. Front 242:   "No Shuffle" (Bochum Logo 10/10/1985 SBD)
  7. Front 242:   "Body To Body" (Bochum Logo 10/10/1985 SBD)
  8. Front 242:   "Take One" (Bochum Logo 10/10/1985 SBD)
  9. Frontline Assembly:   "Digital Tension Dementia"  (Koln, Luxor 16/05/1989 SBD)
  10. Frontline Assembly:   "No Limit" (Koln, Luxor 16/05/1989 SBD)
  11. Frontline Assembly:   "Virus"  (Razormaid Mix)
Notes:  SBD = Soundboard; track 5 is composed of tracks 5-8

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