Friday, October 8, 2010

Compilation of the Week: CMJ New Music July (Certain Damage No. 1)

Continuing to look at the Front 242 tracks on the CMJ (College Music Journal) releases. For the time, CMJ was a great outlet for discovering new music and epic/sony did a pretty decent job getting some Front 242 tracks on these promotional discs.

CMJ New Music July Certain Damage No. 1 features "Religion" and included a nice postage-paid card from which you could rate the various tracks on the disc. It has the catalogue number CMJ-NMM001
Overall, as other releases and reviews show, CMJ always looked favorable on Front 242.

Track Listing:

  1. Matthew Sweet:   "Ugly Truth Rock"
  2. Rocket From The Crypt:   "Hippy Dippy Do"
  3. Front 242:   "Religion"
  4. Idaho:   "Skyscrape"
  5. Paul Westerberg:   "World Class Fad"
  6. Verve:   "Slide Away"
  7. Ned's Atomic Dustbin:   "Saturday Night"
  8. Candlebox:   "You"
  9. Catherine Wheel:   "Crank"
  10. Eve's Plum:   "Blue"
  11. Quicksand:   "Dine Alone"
  12. Engines of Aggression:   "Illusion Is Real"
  13. Sheep On Drugs:   "15 Minutes of Fame"
  14. Pharcyde:   "Otha Fish"
  15. Blind Melon:   "No Rain"
  16. The Point:   "Hey Jane"
  17. Boss Hog:   "Ruby"
  18. Tsunami:   "460"
CMJ Certain Damage No. 1 Picture Sleeve

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CMJ Certain Damage No. 1  Disc

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