Monday, October 25, 2010

Poster of the Week: Live Code-Mutage Mixage

Here we have a promotional poster for the releases of "Live Code" and "Mut@ge Mix@ge" on Never Records. It gives the release date for Live Code as June 16, 1998.

"Live Code" was the first 'official' Front 242 Live CD ("Live Target" being a semi-official release as an ex-bootleg) and "Mut@ge Mix@ge" collected various remixes of 242 tracks. Both of these albums will eventually be spotlighted here in the blog.

The poster itself measures 11 X 17 inches on glossy paper. The graphics for "Mut@ge Mix@ge" are particularly striking with very nice colors!

Live Code/Mut@ge Mix@ge Poster





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  1. Awesome (and pretty rare too, never saw this in YEARS of eBay searching for 242 items!)

    Congratulations for the excellent blog!
    Yours, Ghino di Tacco.