Thursday, October 28, 2010

Memorabilia of the Week: Tyranny Pin For You

Here we have a seldom seen promotional pin featuring the 'Target' Tyranny Symbol. It may have been given with the Invitation to the Tyranny >For You< Listening party? Perhaps it was sold at the Tyranny shows...that I cannot be certain. Perhaps someone else has more information?

The pin measures almost 1 cm by 1 cm. It is of the "lapel" pin variety and could be worn on the lapel or even as a tie tack! It has the typical stick pin fastener. The 'Target' design is painted white on the silver metal itself.

I have not seen these offered elsewhere, so I consider it "priceless!"
I would welcome any comments if you have more information about this interesting item!

Tyranny For You 'Target Symbol' Pin

Back Detail

Tyranny For You 'Target Symbol' Pin


  1. Wow... an item I have too for once...

    I _think_ I received it as a promo from a magazine I was writing for at the time, but time flies and I cannot be certain any longer.
    That consider it priceless sounds nice. Anyone, feel free to offer me an insane amount of cash and I'll sell. ;)

  2. I got one of these from the Transmission 242 Fan Club back in the early nineties. Sadly it fell off my jacket when I went out one night and I never saw it again! I've not seen one of these for years, thanks for the pics.

  3. i bought 1 at ebay two years ago -cost me 15 €. for safety reasons (it´s really small)i put it in a safe place, unfortunately i don´t remember where i put it. argl. afaik this pin was given away with the tyranny for u lp and was limited to a 1000 pcs.

  4. Unbelievably sweet and very classy.

    I stumbled upon your blog and will spend some time perusing it. So nice to find other Front 242 fans out there.