Monday, October 4, 2010

Record of the Week: FRNT 10 A Promo For You

Here we have another innovative Front 242 Promo design, which is similar to that of the Mixed By Fear Promo (FRNT 13). FRNT 10 displays "A Promo >For You< and features 2 cuts from the Tragedy >For You< EP. It makes nice usage of the cutaway in the sleeve to spotlight the "Speed" Tyranny symbol. Interesting to note that the reverse side actually has the "Fight" symbol. The reverse side displays all 4 symbols with "FRNT 10" and "A Promo >For You<"

Side A features Tragedy >For You< Instrumental and side B features Tragedy >For You< Punish Your Machine Mix (Long Version). It is not too uncommon and can usually be had for between $15-20.00  Key to collecting this promo, like Mixed By Fear, is to make sure the cutaway picture sleeve is in excellent shape.

FRNT 10 A Promo >For You< Front

FRNT 10 Reverse



B Side

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