Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Record of the Week: Religion Epic Promo CD

Continuing an UP EVIL vibe, here we have the Epic promo CD release for the single "Religion", taken from the album "06:21:03:11 UP EVIL". It has the promo catalogue number ESK 5146.

The promo CD contains three tracks, 2 of which are found on the regularly issued single, both in the American and European forms. The promo CD also has the track "Crapage" in its album form, whereas "Crapage" remixes are featured on the actual "Religion" single.

There is no outer picture sleeve, I suppose for the record company to manage costs. This was also done with the Gripped By Fear promo CD.
The tray liner and back insert feature the beautiful gargoyle artwork. The disc itself is black with, what I refer to as the 'Religion' or 'UP EVIL' swirls. For years I thought they made some sort of word or glyph that I could not ever figure out, but they are no more than just neat artwork!
The regular American single features a white disc. The European "Religion" release was issued over 2 CD singles, with different artwork and one disc of each color. I will spotlight these one day.

This seems to be a fairly common and easily obtained promo, so should not be too expensive!

Track Listing:

  1. "Religion" (7" Mix by Andy Wallace) [3:33]
  2. "Crapage" [4:57]
  3. "Religion" (Bitch Slapper Mix by J.G. Thirwell) [3:40]
Religion Epic Promo CD Tray Liner

Religion Epic Promo CD Tray Liner reverse

Religion Epic Promo CD Disc

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