Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Record of the Week: Gripped By Fear Promo CD

Continuing Epic  Records "minimalist" approach when it comes to Front 242 promo CDs, "Gripped By Fear" was the last promo from the "Tyranny >For You<" album, although it never was released as a formal single. It has the catalogue number ESK 2297.

The CD features the "Globe" Tyranny symbol on a white CD, with a black jewel case inlay insert on the reverse featuring all the Tyranny symbols. There is no front picture sleeve (as is also seen with the Rhythm of Time and Religion promo CDs).

The disc contains three variation versions from the "Mixed By Fear" EP and credits "This World Must Be Destroyed" as being based upon "Moldavia". Other than that reference, there is really no ties to the "Tyranny" album or "Mixed By Fear" proper, so its effectiveness as a promotional single may be lacking? I have seen this CD go for a few dollars, to upwards of $50.00

Track Listing:

  1. Gripped By Fear (Single Version) 3:28
  2. This World Must Be Destroyed (Beta Version 1)  3:18
  3. This World Must Be Destroyed (Beta Version 2)  4:33
Gripped By Fear promo CD jewel case inlay

Gripped By Fear Promo CD

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