Friday, October 22, 2010

Bootleg of the Week: Technopolis Volume 3

Technopolis Volume 3 continues the lifting of Front 242 material from other sources. The two tracks featured are "Masterhit" Live London 1988, whcih can be found on cassette tape bootlegs, and "Rhythm of Time" Razormaid Mix, which appears on the legitimate Razormaid 10.5 compilation release (see Compilation of the Week, October 17). "Masterhit" here is a beautiful example of how dynamic Front 242's live shows could be.

Other highlights include two Depeche Mode tracks, for which DM collectors often seek this disc as well, and 2 Kraftwerk mixes. Not a big fan of the Kraftwerk mixes here, as the mixing of Kling Klang and Rap just doesn't do it for me!

The artwork continues the lifting of H.R. Giger and the disc is unchanged in design. Expect to pay anywhere between $25-$50

Track Listing:

  1. Front 242:  "Masterhit Live London 1988"
  2. Front 242:  "Rhythm of Time Razormaid Mix"
  3. Depeche Mode:  "Nothing Art of Mix Remix"
  4. Depeche Mode:  "The Official DMC Megamix"
  5. Kraftwerk:  "Die Roboter DMC Mix"
  6. Kraftwerk:  "Tour De France Disconet Mix"
  7. Portion Control:  "The Great Divide Disconet Mix"
  8. Portion Control:  "Rough Justice Right Speed V."
  9. And One:  "Aus Der Traum Live Mix"
  10. And One:  "Second Voice Live 1992"
  11. And One:  "Metalhammer Live 1992"

Technopolis Volume 3 Cover Art

Technopolis Volume 3 Jewel Case Insert

Technopolis Volume 3 Disc

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