Sunday, October 24, 2010

Compilation of the Week: The Digital Space Between

Here we have a virtual "who's who" of Industrial and Hard Electronic Body Music. "The Digital Space Between" features 16 "New Remix & Exclusive Tracks", issued on the Hard Records Label in 1994. Catalogue number is Hardest 07.

The Front 242 track featured here is "Modern Angel (KMFDM Remix)." This track was originally released one year earlier in 1993 on the "Angels Versus Animals" EP. Also of note on this CD is Bigod 20's "The Bog (Shot Mix)" which features a fantastic Jean-Luc guest vocal; it too can be found on its original CD single.

The artwork for this CD and booklet is very nice and "industrial/global" in theme. This is a fairly common CD to come by, so expect $5-8.00

Track Listing:

  1. Front 242:  "Modern Angel (KMFDM Remix)"
  2. T.H.D.:  "Hypo (BITCOMM Mix)"
  3. Contagion:  Turn of the Screw
  4. Dive:  "In the Glasshouse (Unreleased)"
  5. Skinny Puppy:  "Scrapyard"
  6. Leaether Strip:  "Adrenalin Rush (Veggar Version)"
  7. Numb:  "Ratblast (Unreleased)"
  8. Vomito Negro:  "L.A.T. (Living apart together) (Unreleased)"
  9. Cubanate:  "BodyBurn (Beeston 7" Mix)"
  10. Clock DVA:  "Hacked (Reprogrammed III)"
  11. Swamp Terrorists:  "Pale Torment (Convert Single Remix)"
  12. Die Krupps:  "Paradise of Sin"
  13. Insekt:  "Digging in your Soul (Insekt Remix)"
  14. BiGod 20:  "The Bog (Shot Mix)"
  15. The Naked Apes:  "Leave med alone/SMF"
  16. Templebeat:  "Interzone (M. Lega Mix)"
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The Digital Space Between Disc

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