Monday, March 7, 2011

T-Shirt of the Week: Danger

Here we have one of the more modern and currently offered Front 242 T-Shirts, entitled "Danger." It can still be purchased from Transmission 242 here:

The front of the shirt features a red version of the pilot as seen on the "Moments" release on Alfa Matrix. The reverse features an almost washed-out red Front 242 logo with the quote "Danger Can Come From Everywhere..." Of course, this is a quote from the song "Red Team" from the album "Official Version." (Although correct me if I am wrong, the quote could be "Danger Can Come From Anywhere...")

Although I enjoyed the "re:booted" versions of the 242 material, it has been great to see Front 242 return to their imagery "roots" if you will. "It's Up To You, To Decide..."

Danger T-Shirt (front)
Danger T-Shirt (back)

(BTW Hope to get the blog a bit more regular back on course)

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