Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bootleg of the Week: Live In Sweden '87

Here we have one of those nice early Front 242 bootlegs on vinyl.
In our digital age, bootlegs are far more common and far more easier to obtain... but "Back in the day..." bootlegs like these took quite a deal of effort and were no small task in their creation or for a fan to easily obtain! Imagine recording the tracks and then having them pressed to vinyl!?

Here we have "Live In Sweden '87"  and is described as being issued by the "242 Corporation." Some sources state that perhaps the live recordings presented are actually from around circa 1985. This is a German bootleg and the copy states that it was actually printed/pressed in 1988.
It contains 7 live 242 tracks.
The artwork is very "industrial" but the vinyl label is plain. Reportedly copies originally had hand-lettered inlay with release details. Here is a picture from discogs:

The back of the cover states:
"Stereo records give full stereo reproduction when played on a stereo record player. Trademark usedbe authority and under control of 242 Corporation. made in Germany by 242GmbH D - 242 Trademark Registered-Marca Registrada. Printed in Germany * 1988"

The Track List follows:
Side A:

  1. Intro
  2. S. Fr. Nomenklatura
  3. Don't Crash
  4. Lovely Day
Side B:
  1. No Shuffle
  2. Body To Body
  3. Funkhadafi
Not as easy to find these days! Expect to pay upwards of $100 for heavy auction bidding!

Live In Sweden '87 Vinyl Front Cover

Live In Sweden '87 Vinyl Back Cover

Live In Sweden '87 Vinyl (No Label)

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