Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Memorabilia of the Week: B Side Magazine February/March 1991

Have been a bit away from the computer so a little behind on the blog!

For the next few weeks (months!) for the Memorabilia section, I will spotlight the numerous appearances, articles, and interviews in the mainstream (and not-so mainstream) press. While I have an extensive collection of 242 magazines, I am quite certain that this will by no means be complete, but hopefully informative. I am uncertain how to do the scans and the possibility of transcribing these articles is daunting. We shall see what the future holds...

First up is "B Side Magazine" cover dated February/March 1991. B Side was a relatively short-lived "alternative" music magazine in the United States. Of course what is eye catching here is seeing Front 242 on the cover. This is of course following on the heels of 242's "major-label" release of "Tyranny >For You<" and the upcoming "Tyranny Tour."

This magazine features an interview of Patrick conducted by Sandra A. Garcia, and is subtitled: "Front 242 The Ultimate Concept."
It is 6 fantastic pages of insight and photos of 242-goodness. The article talks about the early Wax Trax! days to the signing with Epic Records. Patrick elaborates on the 242 creative and sampling process and their overall feelings about signing with Epic. He comments about Cabaret Voltaire going "commercial." "But it is not gonna be that way for us." And we see that Front 242 never compromised their musical integrity!

B Side Magazine cover with Richard 23

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