Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Compilation of the Week: Zillo Dark Summer

Here we have a German compilation entitled "Zillo Dark Summer - Best of Goth Open Airs 2000".
This is a "best of" or highlight of acts that toured many of the European Festival circuits during the year 2000. While I would not consider Front 242 goth, there are many other great artists and label mates on this 2 CD set.

The insert booklet features pictures of some of the artists featured and I was disappointed at first since there did not appear to be a picture of Front 242...until I realized that the main picture and the one also used in the center of the booklet and in the tray is actually one of 242 on stage. Richard's pose is unmistakable, even from a distance and Jean-Luc clutches the mic like no other!

The Front 242 track featured here is actually a rarity of sorts. It is the "Headhunter 2000" Blind Vision Remix. This remix is not featured on the standard 4 European Headhunter 2000 CD singles, nor the US domestic Headhunter 2000 Metropolis CD version as well.

Other standout tracks here include Funker Vogt, Skinny Puppy, The Cassandra Complex, and Mila Mar.

For 2 CDs worth of great music, it can be had quite cheaply. Expect to pay from 5-10 euros.

Zillo Dark Summer Booklet

Zillo Dark Summer Booklet 

Zillo Dark Summer Booklet center (note Front 242 in background picture)

Zillo Dark Summer jewel case inlay

Zillo Dark Summer jewel case insert back

Zillo Dark Summer CD1

Zillo Dark Summer CD2

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