Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bootleg of the Week: Das Boot The Final Voyage

Here we have an interesting "unofficial" compilation known as "Das Boot: The Final Voyage". At first I simply thought the title referred to the film "Das Boot", but Discogs gives vital information. The title of this compilation is actually a memorial for the German Club known as "Boot" in Nuremberg. This is apparently a "playlist" of sorts, of some of the tracks that were popular in the club, which I presume is no longer in existence.

Also according to Discogs, it was limited to 500 copies on CD-R. More information is here:

Overall, it is a very professional-looking release on CD-R, over two discs. The artwork is printed on glossy paper, but the disc labels are a little bit more inferior. Much boats and lighthouses abound!

The picture sleeve is in German and has been translated on the Discogs site as well, so I will not reproduce it here, unless someone disagrees about the translation and would like to clarify further.

There are 39 songs featured and a wide ray of artists! Besides Front 242, we have Dead Can Dance, Soft Cell, The Smiths, New Model Army, Fugazi, Joy Division, among others...

The Front 242 track here is "Headhunter V1.0" and of course is the 242 track that has undoubtedly seen the most club play and is quite at home here.

One curious question here is the numbering system. According to Discogs, this was limited to 500 copies. I am unsure whether this means 500 sets, or 500 discs? Here, unusual numbering occurs: Disc One states "No. 103" and Disc Two states "No. 102" ?

Das Boot: The Final Voyage cover

Das Boot: The Final Voyage insert

Das Boot: The Final Voyage jewel case insert

Das Boot: The Final Voyage Disc One "No. 103"

Das Boot: The Final Voyage Disc Two "No. 102"

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