Friday, July 23, 2010

T-Shirt of the Week: Moment of Terror (1989 Tour)

Continuing our look at early 242 clothing: up next is another early tour shirt. This one is from the "North American Tour 1989" and has one of Front's famous sayings: "The Moment of Terror Is The Beginning of Life", which of course is a line from the 1980 movie Altered States.

This quote and the "242 Clock" artwork can be found on the FRONT X FRONT liner notes. The shirt is white with black and yellow printing. Once again, I obtained this one of the secondary market, so I would love any notes from those who attended these early shows or if you also have this shirt. Did it also come in black? (Seems like all the early tour shirts are white!?)


  1. The classic 'copter shirt from the late 80's sure is black and I remember more black shirts from the 1989 tour of Europe.
    Being just 15 at the time I could only afford the cheaper bootleg shirts outside. ;)
    I also have a Wax Trax-released t-shirt which is grey and originates from that period. And... the 1991 stuff came in both black and that annoying charcoal grey which is so popular on gyms 'cause you see the sweat better. *yuck!*

  2. Ah, I didn't know the quote was from Altered States! Now I will have to watch that movie as soon as possible :)

    I am learning here :)

  3. I have the longsleeve version of this shirt - let me know if you are interested in pictures. I also have a white longsleeve with the "Front by Front" logo on the front & the back is the 1989 North America tour print.