Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bootleg of the Week: Parted Tragedy

This is another quality bootleg in both sound and production. "Parted Tragedy" features 242 cuts "Live in Europe 1989-1991." The label is "Mind The Magic" and has the catalogue number MTM 008. The liner notes list 12 tracks, but the disc actually has 13, the "hidden" track being the excellent "Welcome To Headhunter" remix. Misspellings are few, with only Im Rythmus Bleiben being misspelled on the inside liner notes and disc, but correctly on the back!
The picture sleeve is very colorful and has yet another man with electrodes on his head! (What is the fascination with electrodes on 242 bootlegs? see Kampfbereit bootleg). The standout tracks for me are Slo-Mo (one of the few times I hear Jean Luc in place of Richard singing the refrain "I Feel So Fucking Alive!") W.Y.H.I.W.Y.G. - U-Men medley, and the Welcome To Headhunter remix. I don't see this one offered on the secondary markets as much, so expect to pay $25-$50.00 or more!

The track list (with typos):

  1. No Shuffle  4:01
  2. Headhunter  4:56
  3. This world must be destroyed  5:12
  4. Moldavia  6:45
  5. Im Rhytmus bleiben  3:38
  6. Slo-mo  4:22
  7. Gripped by fear  4:40
  8. First in - first out  2:31
  9. Welcome to paradise  3:49
  10. Masterhit  4:57
  11. Soul manager  4:30
  12. What you hear is what you get  5:12
  13. Welcome To Headhunter (unlisted)


  1. I only have this one in mp3. It's good to remember that bootleg. As target242 post new bootleg, quickly I run to hear it ! :-D
    Slo-Mo and Gripped by fear kick ass on this one !

  2. I totally agree about the "ass kicking!!!!"

    Thanks always for your kind words regarding the posts! This is encouragement for me to continue!

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