Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Record of the Week: Two In One (New Dance)

Another "oldie but goodie." This is the original 'Two In One' released on the New Dance label in 1982. It would later be released with updated art (will post those soon).
It is catalogued ND 009.

Side 1 lists U-Men and Ethics; Side 2 contains Principles and Body To Body. The picture sleeve is very minimalistic in blue-green hues and black. The front also states 'Limited Edition' but I have not seen exact numbers (1000 maybe?). The reverse pictures the same. Although it would seem rare, this vinyl is seen quite often and I have seen it retail from $25-50.00 range.

This particular copy also has an orange typed insert from Play It Again Sam. It is in dutch and Google Translate does not give the best translation, so I'll leave it up to the fans to translate:

"Pers bericht

Na meerdere vynil aanslagen door Front 242 hoort men en terug op een uitzon-derlijken maxi single, getitelt "Two in one" de welke hun de welke hun vier eerste nummers herneemt. "


  1. It's something like this:

    "Press statement

    After several attacks on vinyl, you can rehear Front 242 on an exceptional maxi-single entitled "Two in One", which retakes their four first songs."

    It is a sloppy press statement, there are several spelling and grammatical mistakes. It is not obvious to read even for Dutch people. That's strange since you would assume it is written to give clear information and not to leave the reader puzzled :)

  2. Nice to see this rarity ! Thanks for help us remember this golden years, with your scans from the back and the vinyl itself. Love it !

  3. GErt-Jan: Thanks for the translation! It makes me feel better that it would be hard for even a Dutch person to read!

    Charles: Thanks for the complements. "Let's Keep on Working Man!"

  4. I didn't realize I could increase the size of my pictures...so I've enlarged the Press Release so that you can see/read it better...!