Monday, July 26, 2010

Poster of the Week: UP EVIL 1993 (Belgium)

Up next is a beautiful (and quite large) poster from the 1993 UP EVIL Tour. Continuing the Gargoyle theme from a T-Shirt posting last week, this poster is from the October 26, 1993 show at the Halles de Schaerbeek, in Brussels, Belgium.

This poster measures 38" X 28" on flat paper. The most striking feature is of course the Gargoyle as featured on the Religion single and on much of the tour merchandise and as backdrop for the stage set. Does anyone know who designed this gargoyle or where it came from? This is another one of those posters that I someday will have to have framed. (Oh lack of wall space!) I would welcome any comments from persons who may have been at this show!

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  1. I was at this concert. If I'm not mistaken, Luc Van Acker made a guest appearance (guitar). A little bit blurry after 17 years...