Friday, July 16, 2010

T-Shirt of the Week: UP EVIL Tour 93 (Gray)

Following their successful appearances on Lollapalooza in the summer of 1993, Front 242 embarked on a solo tour of the United States in support of the albums UP EVIL and OFF. This shirt is from that tour. This shirt features the beautiful gargoyle from the Religion single release. This artwork was often on the backdrop behind the stage (at least on the Lollapalooza gigs). The reverse features the 242 logo, tour name & tour cities. Most of the time this shirt is seen in black versions, both long-sleeve and short (I will eventually post these...) What sets this one apart is the Heather-Gray color. I seldom, if at all,  see these for sale on the secondary market. I'm sure that black was far more popular!? This shirt is even more special to me as it is signed by all four band members and drummer Jon Dubbs! Therefore I consider the value of this one as "priceless!"

1 comment:

  1. Nice t-shirt ! I have a poster with that Gargoyle from this tour. It always scare me when I enter the room where the poster is placed.. :-D
    It's a pity that after this tour the band took 10 years to release something new. The gargoyle didn't give luck to us, fans...