Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bootleg of the Week: Kampfbereit

One of the more enjoyable and relatively easier-to-find (as far as 242 bootlegs go) is "Kampfbereit." There are actually two versions available, both identical regarding content, differing only in artwork and "label."

The earliest version is on "Bundy Records" and is designated as SE 314.
The track listing is riddled with mistakes, from misspelling the first track ( "S. Fr. Nomenklklatura") and listing the final track incorrectly (The final "Take One" track is actually With Your Cries) AND all the track list times are incorrect! Interesting enough, on back is a bar code ( 5 450162003145) but my bar code scanner does not reveal any other information. The artwork is very simple, with the primary image being the top half of a moustached man with electrodes attached to his forehead. The disc itself is quite plain.

The disc states that all tracks were recorded live at Amsterdam and Bruxelles in 1985.
The sound quality is excellent and it a good representation of the early Front 242 concert scene, complete with audience clapping and 242 interaction.

Note: I have listed the correct track times in bold parenthesis, following the mistaken times.

The second version is identified as "Dead Dog Records V. Terranova" and is also listed as SE 314. The disc states "Live in Belgium 86". The spelling of the tracks is correct this time, but the track listing is mistaken. This time, Track #4 is listed as "Lovely Day" (it is really No Shuffle), and it gets the last track wrong as well. No track times are listed. The artwork on the later is much more menacing. It has a fold out jewel case insert with another picture of the artwork.

Prices are not usually steep on this one. Most hard-core 242 collectors have one form of it in their collection. I've seen it go for $25.00 - $50.00 range to 35 Euro on eBay.

Final Note: (with apologies to German-speaking fans if I get this wrong) a dictionary google reveals that "Kampfbereit" means "Battle Ready" or "Ready to Battle" etc.

1. "S. Fr. Nomenklklatura" 4:14 (4:20)
2. "Don't Crash" 4:01 (4:10)
3. "Lovely Day" 6:30 (6:45)
4. "No Shuffle" 3:40 (3:43)
5. "Body To Body" 3:28 (3:32)
6. "Take One" 5:01 (5:25)
7. "Funkahdafi" 5:06 (5:17)
8. "U-Men" 4:22 (4:28)
9. "Commando Mix" 5:53 (6:01)
10. "Operating Tracks" 4:43 (3:44)
11. "Body To Body" 2:10 (2:19)
12. "U-Men" 3:10 (3:15)
13. "Take One" 4:25 (4:35)
14. "Kampfbereit" 3:12 (3:17)
15. "In November" 2:35 (2:41)
16. "Take One"(With Your Cries) 2:38 (2:36)


  1. Finally, a 242 rarity I have :)

    I prefer Hadafi Commando bootleg though, despite the poor audio quality in the beginning... It has so much punch!

    Nice blog btw, I will continue to follow with great interest.

    It there a way to subscribe via RSS feeds?

  2. ...never mind, I just found out how to subscribe:)

  3. Thanks for the comment! I will eventually get around to posting that boot as is also one of my favorites!

  4. Besides Live Target, this is my favourite one.