Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Memorabilia of the Week: Official "Bag242"?

Up next is another one of those unusual items that probably isn't seen much today. (One man's trash is another man's treasure?)
This is a plastic Front 242 bag from 1987. It measures approximately 14" X 19" inches and is double-sided. The bag lists 3 Swiss concerts from the Official Version Tour, 1987. The bag sports the 242 logo down one side and a great computer graphic of the group at the bottom. 3 concert dates are listed from June 18, 19, and 20. In addition a 242 Discography is provided at the bottom. The "sponsors" of the bag appear to be the early 242 German Label Animalized (a division of SPV GmbH):
and Disctrade (a publishing or distributor company perhaps? I could not find very much about this company!

I obtained this on the secondary marked with other 242 items, so I am sketchy on further details. Did it come with early 242 Propaganda Unit items (more on that later!). I suspect that with only three concert dates listed, that it was given away at concerts or in record shops to promote the tour or upcoming shows in Switzerland? If you have any other information about this item, please comment below!


  1. This is a truly 242 rare stuff. Nice to see it !

    I have a black plastic bag for vinyl disc with the Front 242 logo as appear on your bag. It's from the Official Version era. I think there were a lot of them sold with the vinyls that time...

  2. @ Charles

    And not only at that time :) My 'Moments' box super fan package (incl. CD, 2CD and t-shirt) came in that bag too. It is either a bag reprint or Transmission 242 still has a huge pile of them :)

    The package contained a Transmission membership card as well (Tyranny era).

    You should always order with Transmission, they add some goodies. My DVD 'Moments in Budapest' contained a nice mini poster from the Official Version era...