Monday, July 5, 2010

Record of the Week: Promo 242

Will start the record collection off with a bit of a rarity/hard-to-find item:

Promo 242
This is a 3 inch CD with adapter, originally issued in a cardboard sleeve. According to
It was later released with a 5" plastic cover with a booklet. I personally cannot verify this. If you do have a copy of this, especially for sale, please let me know. I have seen this item go for well into $150.00 - $200.00+ range on ebay.

Track Listing:
1. Until Death Do Us Part
2. Demo Work 2 (Extract)
3. Felines
4. First In / First Out
5. Blend The Strengths Intro
6. Demo Intro Never Stop ???

Total Timing Listed is 12:14
"From the Forthcoming Album 'Front By Front"

Catalogue: FRNT-1
Mastered by DADC Austria


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  2. Was sold at the bay a few days ago for incredible 143 EUR !

  3. Do you live in Holland, or Belgium? I might have one for sale. How can i contact you?


  4. One signed by F242's members is on sale at ebay right now!