Saturday, July 17, 2010

Compilation of the Week: Mind The Gap 17

Thought I would add another entry to the blog. As a "completist" (others would say obsessive-compulsive) I have, over the years, collected Front 242 tracks on various compilations. Most of the time these are usually tracks that have already been released, or previews of upcoming releases. Never-the-less, some may find it interesting. I by no means have every 242 appearance on disc or vinyl (but I can always try!)...

This is "Mind The Gap 17." It is a compilation disc that was given away with copies of the German Music Magazine "Gonzo Circus" issue #30. It has the catalogue number gc023 and is from 1997. The 242 track is "First In First Out" and it states that it is 'previously unreleased.' Upon listen, it is the Re:Boot version. I was puzzled by this but I suppose that it may have come out before the actual Re:Boot release? If anyone can shed light on the subject please feel free to comment. I do not have a copy of the actual magazine, but from what I could tell from their website, that particular issue itself may not have contained a 242 interview.

The insert artwork shows an industrial wheel or machine of sorts, with the track listing as follows:

  • Drum Island:  La Dance Electrique
  • A Forest Mighty Black:  Duel With A So(u)l
  • Photek:  KJZ
  • Eat Static:  Interceptor (Original Mix)
  • Icon Zero:  Thug
  • The Invisible Pair of Hands:  Oil Oil Oil
  • Emperor Sly:  The Weight of Sin
  • Dr Olive:  I'm going to heaven (without)
  • Co-Fusion:  Torn Open
  • Animals On Wheels:  Palid
  • Front 242:  First In First Out (previously unreleased)


  1. The "industrial wheel" on the sleeve looks like a hard drive platter.