Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Memorabilia of the Week: "Tape" 242?

In my quest for "anything and everything 242" I came across something a little more unusual/esoteric/weird...depending on how you look at it: a roll of honest-to-goodness Front 242 Tape! 

This is a large roll of sticky "Front by Front 242" tape. The lettering is from the FRONT X FRONT era. I am supposing it was used for packaging or perhaps by Transmission 242 (although I never received anything from them during this time that used this tape.) It is 2 inches wide and is quite a large roll. Although it is a little yellow with age, it is still quite sticky! 

Think of all the marvelous things one could do with this tape...decorate your dorm room perhaps? Wrap yourself up as a 242 Mummy? 242 Bondage fun? Maybe a large "242 Police Line Do Not Cross"? 

I obtained this on ebay and I don't recall the exact price I paid, so I will call this one "priceless!"  Once again, any comments welcome!


  1. I seem to recall my brother getting his 242 flag delivered in a jiffy bag that was sealed with this... or I dreamt the whole thing! :D

  2. I never thought that something like this exists... thanks for sharing !

  3. This is fantastic!

    Congratulations on your purchase!