Sunday, June 5, 2011

Compilation of the Week: Adam X on the one and two

Here we have a DJ Mix compilation from EBM/Techno DJ "Adam X" which features a stellar lineup of classic and current acid, techno, and EBM music. Of course it would have to feature a Front 242 track!
From the notes, Adam X states that this CD "was designed as a personal soundtrack to my everyday life..."

Released on Instinct Records, it has the catalogue number INS561-2

The choice of Front 242 track selected, "Controversy Between" to me is an unusual one, and is certainly not a typical and as well-known 242 selection. I think it rightfully reflects Adam's love and respect for Front 242!

Other standout tracks include selections from A Split Second, Chicks on Speed and Frankie Bones.

Track List:

  1. intro
  2. Vex: "Vex"
  3. Keynotes: "Let's Dance"
  4. Russ Gabriel's Audio Spectrum: "Korgan"
  5. G-Man: "Turtle"
  6. Christian Vogel: "Shoe Renounce Soul"
  7. The Mover: "Frontal Sickness"
  8. Galactica: "Red Eyes Red Lights"
  9. Genie: "Night At The Opera"
  10. Frankie Bones: "It's Good For America"
  11. Beroshima: "Domo Arrigato Mr. Roboto"
  12. Malaria! vs. Chicks On Speed: "Kaltes Klares Wasser Rmx"
  13. Adam X: "Long Drive Home"
  14. Chris McCormack: "The Maximalist"
  15. Chaz Vincent: "Dream Wave"
  16. Icarus: "Nightfly"
  17. DHS: "House of God DHS Rmx"
  18. Kevin Saunderson: "Powerbass"
  19. Reade Truth: "Explosive Force"
  20. Front 242: "Controversy Between"
  21. Directional Force: "One Thousand"
  22. A Split Second: "Muscle Machine"
Adam X "on the one and two" CD cover

Adam X "on the one and two" CD cover back

Adam X "on the one and two" CD liner notes

Adam X "on the one and two" jewel case insert

Adam X "on the one and two" disc

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