Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Full Force Ahead!

It's been a long time coming...and as they say: "Life gets in the way...!"
...but with the recent release of vintage 242 material on vinyl (more on that later!) I felt now is the time to restart the 242 Collector Blog!

I am abandoning the "...of the week" format since I may not always post on a weekly basis...I may even post more often as circumstances allow?! Also the wealth of 242 material has been covered previously...but there are newer items and some other gems that are still to be discovered or catalogued!
I also eventually plan to do the entire "Front 242 Catalogue" from beginning to end in somewhat chronological order in all the various formats...vinyl, CD, cassette, etc.

As Front 242 celebrates over 30 years as "The Godfather's of Electronic Body Music" there is no better time to be a 242 fan and collector!

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