Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wax Trax Take One Box Set

Restarting the 242 Collector Blog, I begin with a beautiful and desirable box set:
"The Wax Trax Front 242 Take One 1984-2014 Box Set"
Originally this was released to celebrate 30 years of Front 242 and was available at "Wax Trax pop-up stores" at 242 and other Wax Trax! Records artists shows. 
My particular copy was obtained via the "Wax Trax! Monu-Mentorary" Kickstarter Campaign. (This is a yet-to-be-released documentary chronicling the glory years of Wax Trax! Records.)
To say this Box seat is beautiful is an understatement!

The box itself is a very sturdy black box with gold embossing on the cover and left side.

The side reads "Front 242 Take One 1984-2014" followed by the Wax Trax! Records logo and catalogue number (WAX 9197)
The only thing I find somewhat unsettling is the use of a 'nonstandard' Front 242 logo on the cover. This is not the typical 242 font or logo used, especially during the 242 Wax Trax! era. It actually reminds me somewhat of the "Silicon Answers" bootleg? It's really just me being nitpicky?

Inside is a treasure trove of 242 goodies:


First is a WaxTrax! Kickstarter personalized note card:




Next we find three stickers: 

Wax Trax! Records logo sticker: 

...and a Front 242 logo sticker and a "Warfare Helicopter" sticker: 

There is also a "242 Propaganda Unit" baggie with a metal 242 pin:

There are four prints on cardboard paper, reminiscent of early 242 artwork and a reprint of the first Front 242 concert ticket for the Medusa Club in Chicago. These are limited and numbered. (This set happens to be No. 88): 

Ticket reproduction

Work 242 concept art (also found on early T-shirts) (Front)

(Back of print)

Official Version art print

Front By Front art print

There is also a nice Front 242 embroidered patch which measures 2 inches by 4 inches: 

A highlight of the box is a glossy booklet telling about the early memories of Front 242's adventures in the Chicago music scene and their Wax Trax! glory years, with great candid and concert photos: 

(Front of booklet)

(Back of booklet)

Finally, there is the 7 inch "Take One" vinyl record on clear vinyl. (Note there is also a Red Vinyl version of this release still available I do believe): 


(Back of sleeve)

A Side: "Take One" (Recorded Live Sept. 28, 1984 at Medusa Club, Chicago, USA)

B Side: "Im Rhythmus Bleiben" (Recorded Live April 15, 2011 at Metro, Chicago for the Wax Trax! Retrospectacle) (I happened to be at that show and will post video someday, although video of this show can be found on YouTube.)

Overall, this is a fantastic piece of 242 memorabilia. I would only expect it to rise in value and could easily demand over $200 in the secondary market! Otherwise I consider it "priceless!"

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  1. Wonderful collection! Naive question but...have you got some of the items from your collection doubled and cosider to sell them?