Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bootleg of the Week: Television Programm 1st

Here is one of those ultimate Front 242 rarities that generally should belong in any good 242 collection!

"Television Programm - 1st" is a 7" vinyl bootleg 45 rpm single released on "Galapagos Island Records".
For a bootleg, the quality is quite good for the time.
It comes in a paper sleeve with a black and white image and Front 242 logo. This image is seen on the legitimate compilation release "This is Electronic Body Music" (which will be featured later this week!). The back sleeve image is the same, only omitting the Front 242 logo.

The title is listed on the back. It also states: "March 27, 1986  Live in Germany, Hahn Studios. We Thank all People for this Material."

The disc lists the label as "Top De Luxe" and has the catalogue number of 150 304.
Side 1 is listed as "Television Programm" and the cryptic "RBS Base Prod." and "27.03.86 West Germany"
Side 2 is listed as "First" and repeats the remainder.

This bootleg contains two live Front 242 recordings.
Track List:

  1. Side 1: Special Forces (Demo Version September 1981)
  2. Side 2: Commando Mix (Live Germany, March 27 1986)
Expect to pay upwards of $100 for this rarity, if and when you ever see one come up for sale!

Front Sleeve

Back Sleeve

Side 1

Side 2


  1. A friend of mine got his copy of this autographed by the band back in 1991. They just laughed and signed their names happily. A quite odd reaction to a bootleg. :D

  2. I have this and is up for sale.