Sunday, January 30, 2011

Record of the Week: Two In One (New Dance) CD Single

Over the past few months, the "Record of the Week" as been a hodge-podge of whatever record or CD took my fancy. Looking at the 242 Catalogue, it can be quite impressive!
Therefore, to present it in a reasonable and more logical manner, for the next few weeks (months?) I am going to attempt to present them in chronological and format order.
First we will begin with the Front 242 CD catalogue.

Up first are the CD singles for "Two In One". This originally appeared on vinyl in original and updated formats, and I have already posted them previously.
The CD single collects the first two Front 242 7" singles, U-Men/Ethics & Principles/Body To Body.
Originally released on the "New Dance" Label, it is presented here that way again, although it is manufactured and distributed by Play It Again Sam.

The New Dance single comes in two formats.
First is the "Jewel Case" release with the standard 5" CD single. The artwork updates the pictures sleeve from the U-Men/Ethics 7" vinyl. Here is it a bit larger than the cardboard sleeve artwork. The reverse is somewhat plain with only the track listing and label information, although it does state "(originally released on New Dance in october 81/april 82)"
The insert actually folds out, but is blank on the inside.

The cardboard sleeve houses the 3" CD single. It also comes with a plastic "CD Single Adapter". The artwork and design are otherwise identical.

Both CD singles list the catalogue number as "ND 009 CD"

Today, both singles are fairly common and can be had on the standard markets for $5-10 each.

Track Listing:

  1. U-Men (3:15)
  2. Ethics (2:27)
  3. Principles (4:40)
  4. Body To Body (4:10)
Two In One 5 inch CD Single Slimline Jewel Case front

Two In One 5 inch CD Single Slimline Jewel Case back

Two In One 5 inch CD Single

Two In One 3 inch CD Single Cardboard Sleeve front

Two In One 3 inch CD Single Cardboard Sleeve back (shrink wrapped)

Two In One 3 inch CD Single with CD Single Adapter

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