Monday, January 3, 2011

Memorabilia of the Week: 12 Days of Tyranny For You

Greetings and a "Happy New Year" to all RANTers and Front 242 Collectors everywhere!
To start the new year, I will present what I like to call "12 Days of Tyranny For You".
I will present pictures from the "Tyranny Tour" Program Book from 1991.
This was sold in the Transmission 242 Catalogue as "Tour Programme 1991" and is described as "Exclusive photographs by the photographer Alain Verbaert, a complete discography and the 1991 Tyranny tour-dates". It was sold for 400 BEF or $14.00

In fact, you can still purchase it today and I encourage any 242 Collector to do so!
Here is the link:

First up, the folder.
The images are presented in a fantastic metallic folder which measures 21.5 cm X 30 cm (8.5 inches X 11.75 inches). Scans cannot do it justice and I also present some light-manipulated images, as my scanner does not appreciate the metal sheen! As you can also see by the images, the metallic folder is not very forgiving of creases and bends in the material.

The front artwork presents the "Tyranny swimmer" as featured on the album and much of the tour artwork. The back lists the 1991 Tour Dates...

Tyranny Tour 1991 Program Book (Front)

Front Detail (Light manipulated)

Tyranny Tour 1991 Program Book (Reverse)

Detail (Light manipulated)


  1. This is really a nice collector 242 item. Nice pictures and a memorable 242 era too.

  2. Still available on the Official Front 242 Website.