Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bootleg of the Week: Re:Boot Arvika Festival CD-R

With their "rebooted" sound, Front 242 toured extensively throughout much of 1997-1998, with the Re:Boot material continuing to be presented past 2000. This material was well represented with the official Re:Boot release in all its many formats.

But with the tour, came many opportunities for fans to collect their own material. Here we have one such item. This is a fan-made CD-R recording from Front 242's appearance at the Arvika Festival in Sweden on July 11, 1997.

This appears to be from a radio show that was broadcast, as both the "Intro" and the closing track "Body To Body" feature intro/outro commentary by a broadcaster. Along the way, we have brief commentary in the form of "Mellansnack". With my Swedish friends quick to correct me, Google translates this term as "between talking" or "between chat"...

The fan made artwork is very nice, with a wonderful picture of Richard 23 on the front, in his silver trench coat that he sported on this tour, and a picture of J-L on the back.

The sound quality is excellent!

Track List:

Intro                                   1:02
Happiness                    6:43
Masterhit                    4:43
Motion                            4:15
Mellansnack 1            0:12
Moldavia                    4:33
Melt                                    3:40
Soul Manager            4:26
No Shuffle                    5:33
Im Rhythmus Bleiben    4:32
Mellansnack 2            0:09
Crapage                            4:37
Headhunter                    4:15
Welcome To Paradise    4:57
Body To Body            3:28

Re:Boot Arvika Festival CD-R Picture Sleeve

Re:Boot Arvika Festival CD-R Tray Liner


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  2. The "motion" live version is ok. I like it.