Friday, April 22, 2011

Memorabilia of the Week: More 242 Pins

I came across some new high-quality Front 242 pins in recent months on ebay.
These are not "official" by any means, but the production and execution of these "bootleg" pins is quite outstanding!

First we have 242 "jellyfish" that can be seen on Re:Boot T-shirts and the Re:Boot fan-edition album.

Next we have the classic "noir" Front 242 cover to Geography. Iconic.

One can never go wrong with the Front 242 "target" logo.

Finally, a more recent addition: the poster image from the 2005 concert at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. My post and comment about this image is here:

Once again, top-notch quality in "bootleg" form.
It's a shame that Transmission 242 doesn't sell more stuff like this...obviously I would buy it!

Recent Front 242 pins

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