Monday, April 11, 2011

Poster of the Week: Tyranny For You (Giant)

Here we have a massive and beautiful poster from the album "Tyranny >For You<"
This poster is quite impressive when viewed up close: it measures 60 inches by 40 inches (5 feet by almost 3 1/4 feet) and is one of the largest Front 242 posters I have ever seen. It is very reminiscent of a subway-style poster.

I suspect it also is a bootleg poster. Although the "Tyranny" era was from the early 90s, the barcode sticker attached to this poster reads "Tyranny For You (Giant)" Oct./97. So this lends also to the fact that it is not a licensed poster.

Nevertheless it is very stunning with all the bright colors and dominating image of the "Tyranny" swimmer.

Tyranny >For You< "Giant Poster"


"Swimmer" Detail

242 Logo Detail


  1. Nice poster from a nice Front 242 era !
    Thanks for sharing !

  2. nah, it's genuine. I bought the exact poster at the old waxtrax store in chicago summer 91