Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Compilation of the Week: An Epic Tour De Force

Here we have another promotional Epic release that makes a great companion piece of sorts to the Lollapalooza '93 CD.
"An Epic Tour De Force" features 14 tracks from Epic/Sony artists who were touring during the summer of 1993. Along with Front 242 on the Lollapalooza Tour was Rage Against The Machine, and then we have the likes of the Spin Doctors, The The, Sun 60, and Screaming Trees.

The 242 tracks are the usual ones that one finds on most promos of this era: "Religion" and "Crapage."

This promo has the catalogue number ESK 5294. It is not all that common, but not necessarily in demand so expect to pay $5-$10

Track List:

  1. Spin Doctors: "What Time Is It?"
  2. Screaming Trees: "Dollar Bill"
  3. Rage Against The Machine: "Killing In The Name"
  4. The The: "Slow Emotion Replay (Live)"
  5. Front 242: "Religion"
  6. Sun 60: "Mary X Mess"
  7. Eve's Plum: "Blue"
  8. Eve's Plum: "Venus Meets Pluto"
  9. Sun 60: "Hold On"
  10. Front 242: "Crapage"
  11. The The: "Love Is Stronger Than Death"
  12. Rage Against The Machine: "Bombtrack"
  13. Screaming Trees: "No One Knows"
  14. Spin Doctors: "Jimmy Olsen's Blues (Live)"
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An Epic Tour De Force CD

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