Thursday, December 23, 2010

Compilation of the Week: New Wave Club Class X 2

From Antler Subway Records and distributed by Play It Again Sam! comes "New Wave Club Class X 2". There are at least 6 other records in the "New Wave Club Class X" series, but this being the only one featuring Front 242. (There is also a box set that features 7 volumes, but the content is the same.) It has the catalogue number AS 5060 CD.

This compilation album is the second volume in a series "documenting the underground sounds of the early eighties. Not for the sake of nostalgia, but because the influence of so much of the music from this era is still apparent these days..."

Of Front 242, the liner notes state:
"Belgium's pride Front 242 made their debut with the single "Principles", but it was with its pulsating successor "U-Men" ('82) that they forced their first breakthrough. The rest is history: the commando-unit's electronic body music since then has acquired them dedicated fans all over the world."

Other highlights for me include Anne Clark, Luc Van Acker, and Bauhaus. I would argue that The Clash's "London Calling" belongs on a punk CD rather than a new wave CD but that is a discussion for another day...

This edition is not too hard to find on the secondary market. Expect to pay around $15-$18

Track Listing:

  1. Bauhaus:  "Passion of Lovers"
  2. The Clash:  "London Calling"
  3. Theatre of Hate:  "Westworld"
  4. Anne Clark:  "Sleeper In Metropolis"
  5. Front 242:  "U-Men"
  6. Repetition:  "A Full Rotation"
  7. A Certain Ratio:  "Shack Up"
  8. Slab!:  "Mars On Ice"
  9. Grauzone:  "Eisbaer"
  10. Luc Van Acker:  "Zanna"
  11. Department S:  "Is Vic There?"
  12. No More:  "Suicide Commando"
  13. The Bollock Brothers:  "Horror Movies"
  14. Severed Heads:  "The Ant Can See Legs"
New Wave Club Class X 2 CD Insert

New Wave Club Class X 2 CD Liner Notes

New Wave Club Class X 2 CD Jewel Case

New Wave Club Class X 2 CD 

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